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9 Sept 2011

My Nail Varnish Collection II - Pinks

Continuing with the "my nail varnish collection" posts (See the whites and nudes post here), here's my collection of pinks.


I'm a bit of a pink fiend!

Here's the collection broken down:

Again all nail varnishes have been swatched in 2 layers for fairness

Light - Mid Pinks

 From L-R: No7 Stay Perfect in French Pink; Barry M in Strawberry Icecream; Missguided in Missbehave; Barry M in Bright Pink and Barry M in Pink Flamingo

Thumb: No7 French Pink - This is a very sheer, pale pink and is alright. Again another middle of the road nailvarnish

Index Finger: Barry M Strawberry Icecream - I love Barry M nail varnishes and this one is no exception. I wore this constantly last summer and it still applies well and very thickly in 2 coats.

Middle Finger: Missguided in Missbehaved - This nail varnish has actually really impressed me. It applies thickly and I love the colour. The nail varnish lasts as long as a Barry M and is very good quality

Ring Finger: Barry M in Bright Pink - Again another good nail varnish from Barry M. I love the colour and texture, which dries quickly and doesn't chip easily.

Pinky: Barry M in Pink Flamingo - As before, all compliments to Barry M for creating a great formula. I don't particularly like this colour on my nails though. I don't think it suits me.

Mid Pinks

L-R: 17 in Pink Grapefruit; Ruby & Milly in Pink 440C; Primark in Pinky N Flirty; Jessica in Raspberry; Miss Sporty in Pink

Thumb: 17 Pink Grapefruit - I LOVE this colour but have found that it goes off very quickly which isn't great. I keep re-buying though

Index Finger: Ruby & Milly Pink 440C - this one isn't made anymore apparently but I've seen it still in my local Boots so snap it up if you can. It applies really well, gives great coverage and it's a nice colour. Nuff said

Middle Finger: Primark Pinky n Flirty - This nailvarnish is fun! It applies well, gives a fab colour and glows in UV light. Great for the bargain prices.

Ring Finger: Jessica Raspberry - a lovely colour, and a great brand but has all the same problems that Jessica polishes always have with marking and topcoats (see more details here)

Pinky: Miss Sporty in Pink - I'm not sure they make this colour anymore, but I've been really impressed by Miss Sporty. I've had this colour for literally years and it still performs amazingly and gives thick, long-lasting coverage.

Mid to Darks and Glitter Pinks

L-R: Boots 17 in Miami; Models Own in Magenta Divine; Bourjois in Fuchsia Hype

Index Finger: Boots 17 Miami - a great bright pink, girly and fits the bright pink bill perfectly. It's long lasting and applies very well. Another that I've re-purchased several times.

Middle Finger: Models Own Magenta Divine - this was my birthday party polish this year and I love it. It's a nightmare to remove, but when it's on (with 3 coats and maybe a pink base coat) it looks AMAZING!

Ring Finger: Bourjois Fuchsia Hype - another great performer. This dark raspberry pink applies very evenly and thickly and lasts a long time. I love this one and don't get it out the drawer enough.

The Neon Pink Nail Varnishes (my favourite category!)

Neon Pink Nail VarnishesFrom L-R: Models Own Bubblegum; China Glaze Pink Voltage; China Glaze Pool Party; Models Own Pink Punch

I love neons! I always get a lot of comments/compliments for them

Index Finger: Models Own Bubblegum - this one is the newest addition to my collection and is a great bright pink which gained compliments from the stunning Emirates girls when I was on holiday. It applies very well, and is matte like most neons.

Middle Finger: China Glaze Pink Voltage - this is a gorgeous colour but it takes about 4 layers for a thick colour. It's a lovely pale pink neon which a lot of friends have bought after trying mine. It is a bit streaky until it's opaque but because it's a matte it dries really quickly.

Ring Finger: China Glaze Pool Party - this was my first and favourite neon. It's a great, glowing bright pink that gains a lot of attention and burns your eyes. I used to think 17 Pink Grapefruit was bright until I had this! It's a LE product but you can still buy them (I have a stockpile!)

Pinky: Models Own Pink Punch - this one is more a coral than pink but it's a good performer. I love the orangey-pink colour. Again applies well and is thick in about 2 layers.

What do you think of my pink collection? Next time: my yellow, orange and coral collection



  1. Love the Boots 17 Miami and China Glaze Pink Voltage!
    Nic x

  2. The Barry M strawberry Ice cream is fantastic!!

  3. I love the china glaze.



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