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26 Aug 2011

Guest Post: When black and white ruled the world

Today's blog is by Raimonda from Stall21


Who knew how much fun could be had with black and white when you add a print or two? Yes, I am indeed talking about the TOPSHOP A/W
2011 collection.


I was truly brown away by it after only seeing a few images from the collection and knew that I had to get saving, as I wanted it all!


I mean this has really hit the nail on the head for me by having everything I could ever want in an outfit. From the dalmatian print heels, the dog print blouses/dresses to the glamorous 30's inspired pieces of when black and white ruled the world.


It really annoys me when people/stores start Christmas early as I feel like it ruins the built up to it for me, so I fully understand if your reading this and thinking ' then what the hell are you doing talking to us about A/W'?


Well I could go on about how terrible the weather has been but if I am truly honest it's mainly because I can't contain my excitement any longer.


In the meanwhile I will just have to settle for some of the adorable knitted animal jumpers to keep me warm through the not so sunny English summer.


Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection:



P.S. don't forget to fully embrace the trend by giving the dalmatian print nails a go.

Here is the best example I could find by Nails Anonymous:


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