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14 Aug 2011

Guest Post: Twitter Enablement

Our next guest post comes from the lovely Helen from Just Nice Things

I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a post about Twitter enablement. It is an interesting phenomenon – a little online space where bloggers and friends get together to basically egg each other on to buy things (or so it feels!). A lot of my makeup collection has stemmed from people recommending or selling things on Twitter and I love the fact that you can stick out a message saying “I need a new lipstick, discuss!” and many excitable ladies (and some chaps) will take it upon themselves to recommend or enable you with regard to certain items. I have to say as well, they generally get it right – I have not had that many disasters from Twitter enabling. Which makes it a very dangerous place. I’ve lost count of the times that someone has actually made me get off my sofa and to the garage to buy an ice cream, or some Monster Munch, or sent me into the kitchen to make a bacon sandwich. Not bad work from 140 characters, eh?

So here I am sharing some of my purchases that are a direct result of Twitter. I am certain there are loads more but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere!

Liz Earle

Any time someone on Twitter calls for a new addition to their skincare regime, I lose count of the number of responses they get from people recommending Liz Earle products. As bloggers, we like Liz Earle. Lovely products, excellent service and a really nice home grown brand. I keep buying this as it’s good stuff (this skin tonic is my absolute favorite) and I am certainly one of the Twitter enablers that recommends it on a regular basis.

Nars Zulu

OK so this isn’t strictly something that Twitter enabled – more blogging in general. I first started reading the big American nail blogs back at the end of 2008, and people were all calling for the return of Nars Zulu. Knowing very little about nail polish and blog lingo at the time, I rapidly started researching this mythical polish, and got to grips with what a “lemming” is (a product you desperately want due to the hype surrounding it)/. The original Nars Zulu was discontinued several years ago, but Nars finally bowed to the pressure and revived it last year. The formula is slightly different to the original, or so they tell me, but I am glad that I finally have it in my collection, after three years of bloggers, nail polish addicts telling me that I needed it. They were right-  it is gorgeous. A blackened green that looks sophisticated and interesting.

Ped Egg

Twitter opinion is divided on this one but I am a fan. It is the only thing that gets my feet ready for flip-flops and although it feels totally strange to be sawing away at your feet with an egg-shaped file, it works wonders, as long as you don’t get carried away as it can burn a little bit. I’ll never forget one lady I follow on Twitter informing the world that her cat ate the contents of her PedEgg – how gross is that?

Nars Albatross

Charlotte from Lipglossiping made me buy this. She told me it would give me instant cheekbones, and I was sold. I use this every day without fail as a brow bone highlighter and I also sweep it over Orgasm Illuminator to give my face a golden glow. Albatross is a true desert island product, and one that I definitely owe to Twitter. In fact, I even purchased my back up Albatross on Twitter as a (obviously mad) blogger wanted to sell hers so I snapped it up for a bargain price.

Illamasqua Quads

When I was originally thinking about doing this post, I wanted to include the Illamasqua liquid metal quad. You know the one, from Art of Darkness that contains the four coloured liquid metals? The blame for that one lays solely at the door of London MakeUp Girl, who totally convinced me that I needed red liquid metal in my life. And at the time, I really thought I did. It’s still unused in a box in my garage. I wasn’t able to get a photo of it as I am moving house, so here you have the cream eyeshadow quad, which I am pretty sure someone else enabled me to buy. A total waste of money. Illamasqua have recently reformulated their cream eyeshadows to a perfect formula which is great news, as this little quad did not work for me at all.

Nars Sin

A bit more Nars for you. Are we spotting a theme here? As regular readers of my blog will know, I worship at the altar of Francois. I love Nars and when I put out a call for a new blusher, one blogger told me that Nars Sin would make me “weep at its beauty”. OK, so it didn’t have quite that effect on me, but I do use this blusher practically every day. This was a double Twitter enablement as someone (I can’t remember who) started a vicious rumour that Sin was being discontinued, causing me to hot foot it to the Nars UK website and order a backup. Then Nars confirmed that in fact, it is not being discontinued after all. Oh. Never mind – at least I’ll never run out.

Tiger bread

Yes, really. It’s not always about make-up. I’d never even heard of tiger bread until someone tweeted that they were eating some, prompting pages and pages of “ohhh jealous” and “I wish I had some” and general tiger bread rapture. I mentioned that I had no idea what tiger bread was, and was instantly urged by several of my Twitter friends to buy a loaf, that Asda did the best version and that I would not regret it. And they were right. Toasted tiger bread now forms a regular Saturday breakfast in our house and I love it too.

Proof that Twitter is as bad for your waistline as it is for your bank balance! I’d love to know what you’ve bought as a result of Twitter enablement – do share!

Thankyou for having me, Lauren – I’ve really enjoyed doing this post.


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