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18 Aug 2011

Guest Post: Nail polish trends of 2011

My name’s Gem, I have a blog (Sparkle Sparkle) and I love nail polish! My blog is almost solely pictures of my nails. I have quite a lot of nail polish and I do like to try the new season trends. This Spring/Summer there have been a few core trends that always seem to come round, like pastels in Spring, and some new ones, like bright yellow this Summer!


Pastels are always a good staple Spring/Summer colour, whether you wear one colour or go for some simple nail art, like polka dots or stripes. For this manicure I went for pastel stripes. Most cosmetic brands have a few pastels shades, but at the moment I really like Bourjois So Laque and their new colours.

(Bourjois Rose Satin, Bourjois Beau Model and Rimmel Sunshine on thumb tip)


Nude polish has also been a frequent trend this year. Whether you want to go for mannequin hands or not, picking a nude shade that suits your skin tone is a must. If you are wearing bright clothing or bright coloured make up, nude nails can tone the look down and nude goes with everything! You can even add a subtle shimmer or an accent nail to jazz it up.

(Missguided Misscellaneous Nude and Mac Soiree as the accent nail)


Peachy nude nails where also around this summer. They are similar to nude nails, but also mix in with the pastel trend. Below I am wearing Barry M Peach Melba, it’s not much fun to apply because it is quite a gloopy polish, but it’s a pretty colour.

(Barry M Peach Melba)


Yellow was very on trend this Summer and was seen on many celebs such as Katy Perry and on Lady Gaga at the Grammys. It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s super summery! It can look a little scary on some skin tones, but if you don’t like super bright nails you can always go for a more flattering pastel yellow.


(OPI The 'It' Color)


Neons! American Apparel released a neon collection this year and neons are always fun for summer-especially on the beach. If you don’t want to go for an all neon yellow banana hand effect you can always do skittle nails of various neons so they don’t look so scary! Or you can even use the neon polish just on the tips of a French manicure for a more subtle neon look. Neon polishes are often a pain to apply, but they are quick drying. Try to apply it in thin buildable layers to get a smooth even colour. I have used three coats on mine and it still could have done with another coat as it looks a little streaky in the picture. Also, neon polishes are often matte, but they can quickly made glossy with a top coat.

 (Left hand - China Glaze Poolside collection - Flip Flop Fantasy, Kiwi-Cool-Ada and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Right hand – OPI The 'It' Color)



 Finally, we cannot forget the crackle polishes of this year! First there was just black, but now there is every colour you can think of. I do prefer the black crackle most. It goes with so many colours and looks great layered over brights and neons. Either leave it matte or make it glossy with a top coat. I’ve left mine matte to match the matte neon base colour.

 (Nails Inc Chelsea Park Gardens with Barry M black crackle layered on top)


Thanks for reading and thank you Lauren for letting me write a quest post for you while you are on holiday! I hope you are having a lovely time!  x



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  2. Ahh I really fancy the OPI yellow! I have Rimmel Sunshine and as much as I love it it has poor lasting power and it stains like mad!

    Love the pastel one, it's my fave :)

  3. Love the first picture!! Such great colour combination! XX

  4. Yu - Thank you! I have Rimmel Sunshine too, I used it on my thumb tip in the first picture. It takes so many coats to be as yellow and 1 coat of the OPI! Loving yellow nails this summer :) xx

    Lola - Thanks! I love stripy pastels :) xx

  5. Do you bite you fingers accidentally ? Cos they look like M&Ms :)

  6. Love it...i will surely try that design on my nails...nice picture:)

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  8. Wow these are all lovely nail polish!!! I just love them


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