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17 Aug 2011

Guest Post: Its a crime against fashion, its a crime against your eyes

Haiiiiiii its Ray from “Who is She”. So while Lauren is enjoying a well deserved break, I have hijacked her blog for a day.  Have you ever noticed when reading fashion blogs, normally you only see “inspirational” and “fashionable” outfits. You very rarely see crimes against fashion, so for one day only I am the English Joan Rivers and I bring to you..


Ray’s Top Ten Fashion Disasters


Just think of it as a public servce announcement of the dos and don'ts when it comes to fashion, shame I don't have the Queen herself Kelly O with me when doing this. Right here we go.. I think I'm going to ease you all in gently.. as I don't want you all scarred for life.



10- Bewitched. Denim this, denim that, denim overload. When double denim was actually fashionable?? I think not.. c'est la vie.


9- Kelis. Now we all know that Kelis doesn't follow fashion- remember her pink what can only be described as a human condom outfit with her McQueen boots?? However a Pucci jumpsuit, stripper heels and a boob harness?? Seriously love, keep that sort of stuff for the bedroom!!


8- Mischa Barton. Trainwreck.com?? I'll give her credit as of late she's obviously gotten herself a new stylist as she's been looking  ood.However lets remember her outfits from back in the day.... a mess.



7- Tara PT. Now bless her she does get a slating in he press for her outfits. A prime example of how money can't buy you class. Apt clothing for the Royal Wedding?? Nope.


6- Solange Knowles. Name sound familiar?? She's actually related to Queen B, sometimes if you see Beyonce you can see her in the background trying to get in the spot light. Also known as Bee's unfashionable sister. Suppose its one way of getting in the press??


5- JLS. Contrary to popular belief by those lads of Geordie Shore, not all blokes in the North East flash their man chebs at every opportunity. Its actually a very small minority. However I blame JLS for this trend. Seriously when I'm drinking my cocktails do I want to see a bloke with better cleavage than me?? Nope, put them away loves.



4- Christina. Come on did you honestly think I would be doing a crime of fashion post and not involve one of the man offenders?? Which actually leads us nicely onto..


3- Katie Price. Christina's arch rival for the title of fashion disasters. Haha must try better ladies as today is not your (un)lucky day!!


2- Alice Evans. Now some of you may not know who she is, however guess where this picture was taken at.. THE OSCARS. You don't wear your mam's curtains to the oscars. This was potentially going to be number one, until I remembered the next little ensamble...


1- TAKE THAT. (circa do what you like video) Now if you are a reader of my blog you will know how much I love these guys (bar Plobbie), and how I queued from 8.30 in the morning to be right at the front to see them at Sunderland. However back in the day Nigel Martin Smith used to manage them.. can you tell what market he was wanting them to break first?? If you haven't seen the infamous video for "do what you like", you should definately you tube it. I will leave you with a quote from Howard "10 years later I was still finding jelly up my arse".


On that note, I'll take my Joan Rivers head off and be back to plain old Ray- I'm not that horrible by the way. Please check out my blog,
and a massive thank you to Lauren for letting me post on here!! xxx



  1. haha, I totally agree with all of them. Especially the B*Witched one (I looked like a b*witched extra when I was 13. Seriously).

    Great post Ray!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. Ha the pic of Take That sure does take me back but Jordan is my "winner" for crimes against fashion

  3. Great post. Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking when they wear these crazy outfits.


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