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13 Aug 2011

Guest Post: Florrie loves Florals

I'm on holiday! Hooray! Therefore our first guest post is from the gorgeous Florrie at Intrinsically Florrie

If you look in my wardrobe you'll see more prints than block colours, and then you'll realise that most of them are floral! Florals come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and I'm a firm believer that there is one to suit everyone, from tropicals to ditsy prints. They are a classically feminine trend, but you can always toughen them up with dark tones, strong silhouettes and harsh textures. In this post I'll be looking at different ways to integrate a little, or even a lot, of floral loveliness into your life.

Floral accessories are a great way to make a block colour outfit more feminine. Flowers can look great on the side of your hair and are bound to attract compliments there, or as a brooch on a dress, cardgian or bag. Cute little silk scarves are also a good way forward.

Over the past year or two floral cardigans have been creeping into shops more and more, and I think they are a great way to add in a print to your outfit, simply slipping them over something you already own, whether you put it with jeans and a tee shirt or a more ladylike skirt or dress. If you want to fit florals into a smart working wardrobe I'd suggest acquiring a blouse, whether soft or structured, with perhaps one of two other details such as a cute sleeve to put with your tailored pieces.

A really cute way to wear florals is to go with a relatively structured and pretty floral skirt and pair it with a slouchy tee. It still looks feminine but with a relaxed feel for a thoroughly modern look.

My mother favours labels such as Per Una at Marks & Spencer, Wallis and Monsoon. She is petite but curvy and so needs more simple silhouettes. One of her classic looks is a full, long, often tiered skirt with a moderately fitted but tee shirt material top. For a floral look she chooses either the skirt or the top as a pattern and leaves the other as block colour. Simple but effective and cheerful.

My favourite and simple way to wear a floral is to get a lovely, well fitting dress. Full skirted 50s numbers are just fabulous, tea dresses cute and there are a whole host of modern styles on the high street. Get one that fits you wonderfully and suits your body shape, so that you feel amazing in it. They are versatile and can look completely different depending on what you put with them. You can wear them bare legged or with a whole host of tights and most styles work well with flats or heels. As well as the high street it's worth looking out for sweet dresses in vintage stores- be sure to look out for errant monster shoulder pads but they can usually be cut out fairly easily.

Think florals are only for spring and summer? Think again. As the weather gets colder you can toughen up a floral dress or skirt with a pair of opaque black tights. Some prints also lend themselves to the colder months with warm, dark colours and large patterns which still retain some of that romantic summer notion. You could try a dark red rose pattern for example.

When it comes to floral print mixing things can get a little tricky. To get started it might be a good idea to try and stick to patterns with a similar colour palette, or at least one colour running throughout for a cohesive look. With more realistic prints this can be quite easy as green is a common colour for the leaves surrounding the flowers! White is a good one too, often used as a base colour or highlight. The same goes for prints of the same size, such as ditsy prints together. Then experiment, why not try pairing a ditsy print dress with a larger rose print cardigan? You can then start mixing them with other pattern trends such as nautical stripes and they look just lovely with lace.

On my blog, Intrinsically Florrie, I'm a huge advocate of florals, what can I say, I'm addicted! To celebrate my two blogoversarys so far I invited readers to send in their own floral looks and I love seeing all the diverse styles together!

Here's how Pearl Westwood of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom styled her outfits both years:

As you can see in her first look the floral is a little abstract and fits the colour palette of her jeans. In her second look she has gone for an overly pretty and feminine skirt and given it her own twist with a black tee and ladylike accessories creating a bold look.

Whilst florals can be worn in a most ladylike manner, the important thing is that they are fun. I truly enjoy wearing them and the more I wear them the more ideas I have for ways to wear them, making creating outfits a delight and this is the way fashion should be. Now excuse me while I go and squeal over a new combination I've thought of...

Florrie x


  1. What a great post Florrie, I love your way of wearing florals! In fact I have you to thank for my embracing of them x

  2. Loving all these looks :)
    florals are something I wear nearly every day and this has given me so many new ideas of how to wear them!! x

  3. wow.. you look gorgeous in all fotos..:D


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