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27 Aug 2011

Guest Post: Boots 17 Falsifeye Mascara Review

Hi ladies, I’m Sarah and I blog over on Knickers and Nail polish.

I’m always on the search for mascara at a reasonable price that will give me thick lashes that last all day! I’ve tried loads of different products, you name it from the very low cost to the high end brands, nothing seems to last on my lashes without making me look like a panda come lunch time.

One of my favourite brands is Boots 17; I think it’s a really good brand for a reasonable price. I often head straight to their stand in my local Boots to see what they have, usually to the nail polish but this time their new mascara caught my eye!

Falsifeye mascara claims to allow you to ‘create ‘wow’ effect eyelashes with this new mascara from 17’ all for the tidy sum of £6.49.  The packaging of this product is very chunky, which I quite like however it does make controlling the wand a bit more of a challenge when on the bottom lashes.

The brush is like the packaging, very chunky and it does pick up too much product which can get a bit messy. This is easily sorted out by simply wiping the brush on the top of the bottle to remove some of the product.  The product is quite a wet product so it does take time to dry and so it’s not something which you can put on and go.

Do I think this product lives up to the claim of ‘wow’ effect? I think is creates a subtle wow effect compared to what I started out with as you can
see below, I have no mascara on the left and 2 coats on the right.


I really like this mascara as the effect is subtle, if I wanted a false eyelash look then I would apply false eyelashes! For me this product is good because it does the one thing I need and that is to look as similar at the end of the day as it does when I first put it on in the morning. There is very little, if any flaking and crumbling and it gives me a lot more definition.



My only gripe with this product is that the brush is too big to do my bottom lashes, so I do have to use a different one. For £6.49 this product is really good value, and Boots are currently doing a deal where you buy this and get a black gel liner free, which is also really good!


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  1. I haven't tried this product myself yet but if it's called 'Falsifeye' then I'd expect it to look a lot stronger and with more volume and length. The tube says a 'false lash effect' but I'm sorry to say I don't think this is that.

    The effect is subtle and pretty but it doesn't do what it says on the tin. Lots of mascaras can do this. I personally think MAC Zoom lash mascara is the best available currently.

    If you have problems looking like a panda then you should give it a try :)

    It's not as cheap but it stays put all day and it offers much more length and volume than this one.

    I'll be doing a review of it soon on my blog, so check it out...


    I do usually love 17 products though, especially their protect and perfect serum and like you said nail polishes!


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