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16 Aug 2011

Guest Post: The 21st Wishlist

Today's post is by the very stylish Phoebe from Peluxe who is talking us through the perils of a birthday when a grown up!


I don't know if there's any agreement in this, but it seems the older you get, the more you struggle with birthday presents. I remember Christmasses gone by where my lists could flow over two sheets of A4, and then some - with every style of Barbie, the newest trend and then those lust items that never made it to me.

With my 21st just over the horizon (we're talking 1st October, plenty of time to get your gift wrap), I have the chance to get something a bit special. While I'm usually a 'lots of little things' kinda gal, I see this as the time to get something that will last and that I can treasure.

Right now I'm toying around with these beauties. This is definitely a wants not needs moment in life.




Louis Vuitton Speedy 30/35

When making my '100 things to do before I die' list in year 7, 'own a LV bag' was somewhere in there. Very superficial yes, but it's something I never saw coming true. I'm personally not a fan of the LV monogram (unless we're dreaming of the Monogram Vernis), but I think the Damier Azur Canvas is just as classic.




Alexander McQueen scarf

Only more coveted now the fashion designer has passed. I've somehow developed expensive taste here, only lusting after the pricier of the designs. The dreamy blue and pink is the leader at the moment.




Ray Ban Wayfarers

Briefly dreamed of the aviators, but realised I really am more content with my Primark versions. The Ray Ban shape just makes me look like a hound. Anyone else have that? Wayfarers seem the ultimate classic.



Michael Kors watch

Seemingly everywhere over the blogosphere, but being the avid watch wearer that I am, it's time to ditch the green-wrist-turning New Look watch (however nice it is) and gets me some real wrist candy.

All special enough don’t you think? Now I just need to narrow it down... This is when it gets tricky.
If you want to see what I end up with then head over to my blog in October!



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  1. Ooh. I am away on holiday to the USA soon and I am so tempted to try and pick up a Michael Kors watch, I have never had a proper watch and would have it for a long time I think. This one you posted about it really pretty.

    Caz x


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