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28 Aug 2011

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Wear

Hi everyone I'm Alex, the creative mind (that may be a stretch) behind Life after 20. My blog is based around my whole life and this includes what i wear on a daily basis so one of my features i do is a "10 ways to wear"  and at the moment i am sporting this AMAZING lime green vintage maxi (well on me anyway) skirt that i thrifted for a hefty £1

To date i have worn it 6 different ways (well 7 if you include this one) with the challenge being to make it a totally different outfit every time, to mix up the seasons and to just generally push my own fashion boundaries.

Anyway onto this outfit, this is a super casual way of wearing the skirt, its also a great representation of how you can mix a vintage skirt with some cheap Primark pieces for a great on trend outfit. Also pairing the navy blue with the green is a very subtle way of colour blocking with the
jacket adding warmth (cause this is the UK you know!) but also giving it a edge!

What I'm wearing:

Skirt - Thrifted vintage.

Singlet/vest - Primark

Denim jacket - Primark.


I would wear this outfit shopping, to wonder around town, out for a meal, really anywhere!

What do you think of this combo? Where would you wear it?"


  1. Hey guys, there must have been a glitch when Lauren scheduled this post.
    Im sure you can all guess what it is, there is ment to be photos.
    : (

  2. Sorry about that - Don't know what wordpress was playing at because I could see them on the draft post. I've refreshed and they're there xxx

  3. Love the skirt - can't believe it was only £1! x


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