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12 Aug 2011


This is my last post before I go away. On Sunday evening I will be jetting off to Thailand which I'm equally excited about and also terrified (I've never been outside of Europe!). Luckily my cousin (the guy who designed my blog) lives out there and he's going to be looking after me and Simon on our holidays. Expect lots of purchases and photos when I return.


In the mean time, starting tomorrow, we'll have guest posts every single day from a range of amazing bloggers who I hope you'll love as much as I do. Also the site will be looked after by the gorgeous Natasha from The Science Informant (the very clever girly who writes our "Science Behind Beauty Products" posts) so if you're having a problem or want to talk then let her know by leaving a comment and I'll be able to sporadically check my emails out there.

So I'm signing out, and scared to say bye (this is the first time in 1.5 years I've left the blog, it's my baby!) Much love xxx



  1. I hope you have a blast! A few of my friends are already out there and they're loving it. Have fun :)

  2. Have an amazing time Lauren. Can't wait to see photos. Glad your house stuff worked out too! We sorted ours too so all Good x x x x

  3. Have an amazing time! I went to Thailand about 10 years ago and I loved it. Make sure you get a proper thai massage, it's gorgeous :) xxx


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