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1 Jul 2011

Review: Crest Whitestips Teeth Whitening System

So you may remember a few weeks ago I said I was using Crest Whitestrips to help whiten my teeth after some horrific photos went on Facebook.

I bought the Crest Professional Effects Whitestrips on eBay as advised by a family friend who regularly buys them. Sadly they're not available in shops in the UK yet but I know several people here who import them!


A bit about me

  • I don't smoke

  • I don't drink coffee but I do drink lots of tea

  • I don't drink red wine but I do like a glass of rose!

  • I regularly visit the dentist and brush properly (the boyf's mum is a dental hygenist!)

  • I have a fixed retainer behind by bottom teeth



So anyway here's the pictures from before that shocked me so much

As you can see my teeth aren't terrible but they look yellow (especially the further back you go) and the picture on the far right just looks horrible! I was upet on my graduation photo in the middle that my further back teeth are almost the same colour as my skin. (I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet - eew!)


and here are the pictures from the last 2 weekends. I promise you I haven't touched these pictures in any way! Click the images for bigger pictures so you can see right up close (eww)

me and my brother. Don't know what's going on with my parent's camera to make us so over-exposed! But as you can see my teeth are whiter than his!

Impressive results right?!

I've not actually been using these as instructed - they say to use once or twice a day which I did for a couple of days, but since then I've been using them once a week to keep my teeth white and it seems to work really well that way. I'm happy with the shade my teeth are now (and I could go whiter if I used them more often).


  • I haven't had any sensitivity which is good

  • They are really easy to use - just stick them on, read a book or have a bath and half an hour later, take them off and brush your teeth

  • They're quite expensive and make sure you look out for postage costs on eBay - some seem cheap but are loads on P&P. Mine were free P&P which was good. Also watch out that it may say "10 strips" but that might only be 5 applications as there is a top and bottom strip per packet

  • You can get stronger versions - these are the "medium" ones. Do your research and choose which one suits your teeth

  • They don't harm the enamel which is a bonus

  • Cheaper than dentist whitening and have good results (although probably not as good as a dentist)

  • Easy to maintain at home - I work with a girl who's teeth positively glow!


What do you think? I'm going to be getting some more - will you be outbidding me on eBay?!


  1. Fab results, I used these before my wedding :D may start using them again xx

  2. Looking good :) impressed with results from over counter whitening! X

  3. You have really nice straight teeth, which you can now see, do look brighter. How much are the strips?

  4. ooo brill results, something that works yay!
    I've been using the peril drops hollywood smile, which work okay but I'm not convinced it's as good as it makes out!!
    maybe it's time I give the ones you used a go :)xx

  5. I've been thinking about buying these on ebay for a while. Your teeth look so white in the "after" photos. Wish we could just walk into Boots and buy these! x

  6. Would love to be able to buy these locally. Wow, your teeth look amazing now. Saw some horrid photos of myself today on facebook. Need to do something about the colour of my teeth. Thanks so much for showing me these! x

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  10. Nice result! I have been using Stella white strips instead of crest because of teeth sensitivity but I’m happy it worked for you :)

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