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5 Jul 2011

Models Own Pink Punch & My Nailvarnish Storage

Beware: Sunglasses necessary!

I love a neon nailvarnish as has been demonstrated in previous posts: China Glaze Pool Party and China Glaze Pink Voltage but I realised my collection was missing a neon coral colour for the summer. I already wanted a pink glitter nailvarnish for my birthday on 18th and found this beauty so had to snap it up in the offer. Here I present to you, Models Own Pink Punch

Models Own Pink Punch

Sorry for the messy application - my cat came and nudged me and ended up with some neon whiskers! (she wasn't impressed when I was trying to wipe it off) I had to show you the colour asap and also here's some snaps from other bloggers to show how different the colour can look in different lights




A quick review: The nailpolish comes out less opaque than other neons I've used. As you can see in the middle picture, you can see the nail line with a few coats still. On my picture, I used a nude base coat as a foundation and put the colour over the top. Furtheremore, as most neons, the paint is matt. I like the matt finish but for the above image I've put a topcoat over.


I was having a bit of a nailvarnish storage 'mare at the weekend and realised that the number of nailvarnishes I own means I can't quickly locate the one I really want so I came up with this... firstly they are in colour order from nudes, but what I did was dip the brush in, wipe it on the edge of the bottle so there was a big gloop on the rim, and then quickly flip the top over and dip it in the blob! TADA! Easily referenced nailvarnishes!

I don't really own that many nailvarnishes compared to other bloggers! They're almost all pink though!



  1. This is a really pretty colour!

  2. Love this! Models Own are my favourite for application so I am def going to pick this one up!


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