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12 Jul 2011

Matte White Nails

I got this idea after hearing about Barry M's new Matte White nail varnish which isn't actually matte. I thought it would make a cool, modern take on pale nails which would really suit a tan.


Here's the nails of the week


This look was done with Boots No 17 Mini Skirt and a No 17 matte topcoat.

What do you think? x



  1. I think you need perfect nails to pull this off. Looks great on you!

  2. I love white nails! I have been wearing white on mine all week :)

  3. I thught it might look like tip-ex, but it actually looks quite good :)

  4. That looks great - it sounds like it could just look like you painted your nails with Tip-Ex but it really doesn't!

  5. Ive always thought white nails look really nice on White Girls. Sorry but i just think it really "blrnds on ehite girl hands lol. White n White lol


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