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22 Jun 2011

Wednesday Etsy Wants

I love Etsy (and I also love Regetsy), you can find some wonderful handmade things there. Here’s a quick list of my wants this week

1. An Ouma dress

I love Ouma’s Etsy shop – she creates some wonderful, fanciful dresses which make me want to be either 6 years old or be getting married. Sadly her items are so expensive which is totally out of my price range but this is what I want if I could afford it:

Blushing in Pink - £531

Allison Wonderland - £367

I think you’ll agree the dresses are gorgeous and very fantastical! I fell in love with an old Ouma dress before my 21st birthday called the “fancy formal” and although I couldn’t afford it, I needed it!

fancy formal


I therefore took this image to the girls on the Burdastyle forum and they told me it was just like the bodice on the Simplicity 4070 pattern which I quickly bought and made with a tulle circle skirt

Here’s my copy (sorry for the bad quality photos)


What do you think of my efforts? In November it’s my parent’s big 25th wedding anniversary party and I think I might make the Blushing in Pink dress and rather than go conservative with the tulle skirt like I did on this, I’m going to go overboard like the pink one.

2. Gold Feather Ring

I love this long ring by The Clasp of Isis and it’s only £6.33

3. A Cute Stacker Ring

I’m quite interested by the stacked ring trend and I particularly love this cute little birdy

It’s £17.10 from Scrape and is sterling siver.

4. Pearl Jewellery

I love pearls! I got a vintage pearl ring a couple of weeks ago but the fake pearl fell off and I lost it Sad smile I like this one

It’s £11.40 from Loriyab

5. Some Seagulls

I keep my love of seagulls no secret!

I therefore adore this golden seagull earrings for £6.33 from Friendly Gesture

6. A hair bow!

Ok so I’m so 2 years ago with this trend but I’d love a (non-hair) hair bow

This pink one by Jeezelouise is so sweet and is £8.86. I love it!

What are you Wednesday wants?


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  1. I love the dresses, your looks amazing, such a cute style :)


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