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26 Jun 2011

OOTN and My week in photos

Lots of people gave really positive feedback on my "my week in photos" post last week so thought I'd try it again!

My poor little cat got soaking in the rain so I wrapped her in a towel and posted it on twitter. My parents think I'm mad treating her like a baby but everyone on twitter thought it was cute!


I bought a 2 in 1 crosstrainer and bike from classifieds.com. I've used it once and really like it - it was only £40 which was a bargain as it's a month old. Thailand bikini body here I come!


I had conjoined twin smiles! They were exta delicious!


I found After Eight munchies!!!

At the weekend we went up to Sheffield for my Grandar's 80th Birthday party. 


Do you like the vintage theme! I made this jumpsuit using the Marfly F1338 pattern I saw on Gertie's blog and I love it! The back and the front are the same. Maybe the neon pink nailvarnish lets down the vintage look but I love it! Here's the back


I also fell in love with this painting at my Aunt's house - it's by Carloline Appleyard and you can see more of her work here


How was your week? x



  1. You look great :-) I love After Eights Munchies xx

  2. That jumpsuit is gorgeous, so talented to have made that!
    I haven't had After 8 munchies for ages, mega craving them now!
    That painting is gorgeous and we also dry our cats when they come in wet lol xx

  3. Can't believe you made that jumpsuit Lauren! It's gorgeous-make me one?!

    Love Amie


  4. Aww I'd love to but you'd need to come choose materials with me! xxx


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