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13 Jun 2011

NOTD - Polka Dot Manicure

Feeling inspired last night, I decided to give myself a poka dot manicure! I'd seen Gem's tutirial on Gem Fatale's Style Blog and she suggested 2 methods - with a kirby grip or with a pin. I loved the effect the pin gave her so decided to give it a go

Gem's manicure - I love the big spots!


So here's what I used for my one

L-R: MISA Waist High Hue (the perfect nude) for the base coat, China Glaze Oxygen for the spots and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat


And here's the dotting tool I used

As you can see I just stuck it straight into the bottle of nailvarnish!

Finally, here's the results...

Annoyingly, my top coat which is getting really old bubbled as it dried leaving these bubbles in the manicure so I'm definitely going to buy a new one. With the size of the spots, I don't think I could do this without a quick drying top coat. Also my spots are uneven due to the method I used so in the future I'm going to follow CinnyLoves' trick of putting a blob on kitchen towel and putting my dotter in that. However overall I really like my suble coffee and cream polka dot nails.

What do you think? x


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