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19 Jun 2011

My week in pictures and London to Brighton

I really enjoy these "my week in pictures" posts so thought I'd do one this week as a quick round up except breaking with tradition I'll describe each pic below because I hate zooming up and down!

I did a polka dot manicure but my topcoat went all bubbly! So irritating.


I went to Primark and saw this crime of fashion. I didn't realise Pocahontas was in fashion...


I caved to peer pressure and bought a Filofax! This is a Filofax A5 Domino and in it I've punched my pages from my Quo Vadis Minister diary which I pulled apart and inserted. It's a bit too big but is perfect for the year and I can write my notes from appointments in the book at the back.


I started knitting this jumper in December but forgot about it until yesterday so I'm going to keep going hopefully!


My boyfriend made a wooden spoon. He's very proud of it!


London to Brighton Bike Race 2011

We started out in London dropping my dad off...

Me and my brother James in London. Do we look related?!


We went to Brighton because my Dad was doing the London to Brighton bike race. It was a very windy day and my brother got this great shot of the wave coming over a small pier.


Close up you can see this little boy getting covered by the wave!


I love this picture of a seagull I caught. They came so close trying to steal our chips!


And finally my dad got to Brighton. It only took him 5 hours including a 20 minute break and he cycled all the way up Ditchling Beacon without walking! Well done dad!


What do you think of week in photos posts? Are they too personal and unrelated to my blog?

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start my holiday series of posts. Keep an eye out for the polaroid!



  1. Love these kinda posts! Looking forward to your holiday series too. :)

  2. Love these posts :)
    That photo of the seagull is amazing!

  3. I think they are personal but it works with your blog- you're a multi-dimensional person and it's interesting to see how your life blends with everything you blog about. It gives your blog even more personality. No harm in it. And you may find people comment more on stuff they share in common with you. Which isn't a bad thing :)

  4. They are personal but that's what I love about them! I think a lot of people love getting to know to the person behind the blog (because we're all nosy!). Great photo of that little boy haha and congratulations to your father! x

  5. I LOVE the nails! Such exciting pictures!! x

  6. Love the photos!

    Your nails look lovely! :)


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  8. i love personal posts! :)
    LOL @ the pocahontas jacket! i would never wear that!


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