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22 Jun 2011

Holiday Essentials

Next in my new series of holiday must have's... the essential items for your travel. Remember just click on the holiday photo to see other posts in the series

Here's the essentials!

Holiday Essentials

Here's what I think is essential for a holiay (mind you I don't travel light!)

  • Emma Bridgewater Polkadots Travel Documents holder - I got mine for £12 on eBay! It's lovely and has little tabs labelled "money, passport etc" inside.


  • Prepaid card - this one by APS CashPlus gets good reviews. Basically it's a great fallback if you run out of currency because you can top it up with as much or little as you like and it's safer than using your bank cards. Apparently the card can be used for a good foreign exchange rate for your travel money and can be used in over 30 million locations worldwide and can withdraw the local currency from any of 1.5 million cash machines that display the MasterCard acceptance mark. I'll definitely get one for my holiday to Thailand just in case!


  • Pen and travel journal - I love my one from Paperchase for logging what happened at the end of the day, gluing photos, post cards and admission tickets into and reminding myself of my holiday when the memories start to fade. The paperchase one also has clear pockets for things


  • Pillow and silk case! I always take a pillow with me on flights because it's my comfort blanket and because of my back problems. I was sent this silk pillowcase cover last week for review and I love it! I'll definitely be taking it on holiday with me. It's from Silk Perfect and helps reduce "pillow face" creases, doesn't steal your moisturiser, is hypoallergenic and importantly for on tropical holidays... reduces hair frizzyness! After a few nights using it, I don't have any scientific proof of these claims but it is nice and soft :-)


  • Sun Cream!!! Everyone PLEASE PLEASE wear suncream this summer. One day you may thank me. I always wear SPF 30 because I'm a very pale English rose. You should apply it so it's still slightly white on your skin apparently, if you rub it in so it disappears you're not wearing enough. Later in the series I've got my science correspondent Tash from The Science Informant to tell us about sun cream and SPF
  • Also here's Nicola Roberts (who I love for her stance on sunbeds) telling us to be safe in the sun!


  • Sunglasses - also remember to protect your eyes. I'm loving these cat-eye sunnies from Warehouse for some 50s sun-safe glam.


  • Hairband - so if your silk pillow doesn't work and you're having a hair-'mare, this super cute hairband from Love Hair Extentions will transform you into a boho princess from day to night. I  have a medium sized one in sunlight blonde/rich blonde and unlike many other websites, the colour swatches ACTUALLY look like the colours that arrive (Take note Barry M website makers!) Once I've had my roots sorted out it'll match seamlessly!


  • SPF lipbalm - my recommendation is Lypsyl. It's SPF15 and super yummy too for only £1.49. I have the tinted cherry flavour one and the watermelon one pictured above and they are very moisturising and tasty (and the flavour lasts a while which is unusual) although they are quite solid so in a warmer country they may apply more easily! I didn't get much tint from the cherry one but that may have been because my room was cold and I couldn't apply it very easily. However the scent and lasting quality is very good (much better than my Dermalogica lip balm)


  • Dr Beckmann Travel Wash - if you're travelling for a while, this may be your saviour! It's super concentrated and allows you to hand-wash your clothes.


  • Hair Wave Spray and Dry Shampoo - Traveller's essentials! If you love that beach hair look, full of relaxed waves then this Scandalous Rock Chick Wave Spray may be your friend and is £4.99 from Superdrug to help you capture that beach girl look. Also The Scandalous Fabulous Flirty Dry Shampoo (also £4.99 from Superdrug) helps if you've had a big night or can't find a shower when travelling and has a lovely scent.


Natural straight hair vs wave spray and scrunched hair

As you can see it didn't really work brilliantly for me, but I have very long, heavy and dead straight hair so I'm sure it'll work much better on someone with a natural wave.


EDIT - I sprayed this in, dried my hair normally and then put it into a tight bun as it cooled down and wore it in a bun for work; later that day when I let it go I had lovely waves which stayed in all evening!



  • Travel Guide Book - I can't express how much I am impressed by these Hg2 travel books! Firstly they are bound in gorgeous faux leathers and so don't make you look like a tourist! Also, they contain information on cities which you'd not find out in a Lonely Planet books such as the best places to go clubbing, bars, cultural sites, hotels for all price ranges, and written by the people who live in the cities...  all for the same price as a Lonely Planet book. You can also get iphone apps for many cities. I have one for Rome and one for London and I can't wait to go there and try out the locations I've read about, they're definitely aimed at the young who want to experience the "real" culture and also gain some information on the usual tourist traps. I haven't put any pictures in other than the one of the books because it's difficult to show you the content through a few photos but they are really very good!



  • Flip Flops - a holiday essential. I love these ones by Reef and I want them!!  They're £24.99 which isn't bad and they're gorgeous!



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