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14 Jun 2011

Designer vs Highstreet Game

Online designer fashion boutiques... I both love them and lothe them! I love that they show me things that one day I may be able to buy, and show me items that I covet, yet I hate them for showing me these beautiful items that I could never own. Everyday I get the newsletter from The Outnet, Net a Porter and FarFetch and everyday I feel sad! So I'm going to play a new game of Designer vs Highstreet and see if there are any close matches. I want you to think whether A or B is designer, then scroll down to find out if you're right! (don't cheat by trying to look at the labels! This is a bit of fun!) then tell me in the comments what you got!

Let's start with the designer party dresses

1. Gathered bottom dresses

A                                                                               B

2. Shirt Dresses

A                                                                                B

3. Draped Grecian Dresses 

A                                                                               B

4. Frilly Dresses 

A                                                                               B

5. One Shoulder Desses 

A                                                                               B



1. A was designer! A is the Poeme Bohemien Linen Dress and B is The All Saints Delia Dress

2. B was designer! A is the All Saints Kensington Dress and B is The Balenciaga Shirt Dress

3. A was designer! A is the Alexander Wang One Shoulder Dress and B is The All Saints Surya Corset Dress

4. A was designer! A is the John Galliano Ruffled Dress and B is The Alexon Ruffled Dress

5. B was designer! A is the Oasis Formal Soft Drape Dress and B is NORMALUISA One shoulder dress

So... how did you do? Let me know. If you enjoyed this let me know and we can do it with another category next week!


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  1. Wow! Such a great idea for a blog post hun :) I always thought I could tell if an item was designer or not, but there are some great dupes out there. Perhaps handbags next?! ;) x

    Catherine x

  2. Great idea for a post. I found it really hard to guess which of the dresses were designer. x

  3. I got the last 3 wrong! I like this, it's like trying to spot the designer on Gok's Fashion Fix which I'm usually pretty good at..!

  4. I found it hard too! All Saints is upper-high street in my eyes though, so I'll let myself off ;) love the All Saints corset dress, and the Oasis drape dress!

  5. Wow I got all of those wrong! Although I think that mainly highlights my obsession with All Saints! hehe

  6. This reminds me of Gok Wan's famous feature on his show!

    I'm not sure I would class any of these dresses as "high street" though - the closest really is the Oasis dress but even their shop doesn't feature on my local "high street"!!

  7. You don't have an all saints or oasis?! I thought all saints had infested everywhere by now. There are 2 in brighton!

    Yeah I love the Gok thing he does minus the crazy styling which often brings up the price hugely! Xxx

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