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15 May 2011

Treat of the Month - Vintage Necklace Watch

I've been searching for a ball pendant watch for ages, after hearing my Nan talk about her lovely enamel one that she once had which was sadly stolen when she owned a guest house. (I hate those burglars for stealing what would be mine!)

Anyway Bang On Vintage contacted me via Twitter to give me the heads up and said that they had one coming online in a couple of days! I was so excited and bought it instantly for the bargainous price of £15! It's a 1960s Vintage Ball Pendant and here are the lovely pictures...

Isn't it pretty! It's silver with gold filegree and it works which is amazing. It also came wrapped up in a lovely little parcel and arrived really quickly!

I'd definitely buy from Bang On Vintage again! I've got my eye on these lovely pieces...

1970s cocktail ring - £10


1970s snake bangle - £12


1960s vintage watch pendant £22


1950s vintage cocktail ring - £25


What do you think of vintage pieces? x


  1. Such gorgeous items!

    I love the first necklace and the vintage cocktail ring at the bottom! I'll have to take a look at their website :) xx

  2. Beautiful watch necklace! I own quite a bit of vintage jewellery - it has SO much more character than modern jewellery. Loving the snake bangle.

  3. Gorgeous jewelery! I love the necklace you got. Vintage jewelery always looks cooler than new stuff :)

  4. Your necklace is gorgeous, I never wear my watch so this would be so useful!

  5. wow I love that necklace soo much! I can't get enough of vintage/vintage looking jewerely and I have way too much of it but that first necklace is so me! also loving the snack bangle! x

  6. god my spelling is atrocious on my iphone! meant snake bangle haha! x

  7. Glad you liked the necklace Lauren xxx

  8. Oh my gosh, that's absolutely gorgeous! Love the cocktail ring too. Will def be checking them out!


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