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31 May 2011

Is it bold to go bald?

This is a post for my male readers. I know you're in the minority on this blog! Going bald carries a lot of stigma for guys, and although it's "socially acceptable" than men go bald, I'm sure it's just as horrifying for men as it is for a woman to discover that they are losing their hair. Yet somehow, people find it ok to laugh at or poke fun of male baldness.

I'm hoping this post will help all guys out there who are losing their hair and maybe feel embarrassed or concerned yet don't want to tell anyone. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and after a short survey on Twitter of other bloggers, all except one respondant were very positive towards males with no hair with their only advice being "shave it all off!"

Here's the gallery to make any blading guys feel better. These guys are seriously cool and in many cases also quite hot!

Jason Statham

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Patrick Stewart

Vin Diesel

So you see balding can be cool, just stick to having it cut short and you'll look great. So Bog Off Heat magazine's Circle of Shame, highlighting balding actors and making them (and normal men) feel bad about nature!

Also remember that covering it up isn't always the best idea. Here's my rogue's gallery...

Hey Jude! We all know and will still love you!


Terry Wogan, your wig is terrible. Bin it!


Apparently when Gordon Ramsay's face swelled up like this earlier in the year it was due to a hair plug transplant!


Either if you want to try and keep your remaining hair or you want to shave it off, just remember guys - although your mates might rib you down the pub about it, ask any girl or your partner and they are being honest when they say they love you the way you are.



  1. Natural is always better… work with that you have, sure, but wigs, comb overs and hair plugs? Just not necessary.

    I used to have such a crutch on Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard. he ruined it by being a prick to James Cordon.

    Jason Statham remains a firm favourite :)

  2. I totally forgot about Jason Statham when you tweeted about this! I love him :)

  3. It's all about the face in my book. If you have a good face you can totally get away with no hair, and in many cases look better!

    Jason Statham = hot hot hot!


  4. Terry Wogan wears a wig?! I had no idea! But then again I don't really pay all that much attention to him :)

    Rhiannon xo

  5. Surely by including your "rogue gallery" you're pointing out celebrities who haven't quite 'got it right' with their hair. Much like Heat Mag's "cirlce of shame"??

  6. Maybe. I was hoping it to show that these people were showing other ways of coping that are in the opinion of those asked on twitter, were not as effective and that it's ok to not cover up but in fact accept it.

    Don't feel you have to comment as random. It's ok to have a different opinion! X

  7. Don't get me wrong - I agree that there's really no need to cover up! But the celebrities (and 'normal' guys out there!) that, for whatever reason, have chosen to wear wigs, have cuts that "disguise", or have hair plugs - anything really except shaving it all off, and by refering to them as "rogue" might make blokes who do that (and read your blog) still feel quite down / have low self esteem about going bald - rather like Heat magazine does.
    Also, I know it's okay to have a differnt opinion - that's why I posted a comment in the first place!! :-)

  8. they are the few number of people that look good without hair. in fact, i can't imagine Jason Statham ever had a hair?


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