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13 Apr 2011

Style Challenge - DaMart Reinvention!

Damart - if it's a shop you've heard of, you'll more than likely associate them with old people or thermals. However they're in the process of changing and creating clothes for us younger generations! I was contacted by the Damart PR people to do a style challenge and make some of the pieces work and look fashionable to show it's possible!

Here's the items I was sent

Paisly Tunic Blouse - £35 and Studded Shrug - £29

So in-keeping with the 1970s styles that are round at the moment, I decided to wear this with some 70s flare(s)!

When taking the pictures, my boyfriend actually said "I like that top, it's paisley". He's learning fast :-)


I think for the future, I'll pair the top with some leggings or jeggings to emphasise my small legs - I think the 70s look swamps me! However I really like the tops! So there you have it - proof that Damart can work for everyone, all ages and this has possibly changed my preconceptions of many shops that I never walk into. Will you be checking it out next time you're walking down the high street? Here's some other pieces they have currently which I have my eye on:


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