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12 Apr 2011

OOTD - Crop Top Bravery - Have I Fashion Sinned?

Crops Tops - they tread the line between a fashion crime and fashionable. In my spring trends post I said I really wanted one, so when I found one in New Look I was straight onto it! It's not online anymore so pop into your local store. I picked it up thinking it'd be £16.99 and when I got to the till it was £7! Mine is a size 12 and it's super flattering because it's got longer sides and back to cover my wobbly side bits!

Here's my outfit for this sunny, spring day! I haven't done an OOTD post in ages!

Excuse little Lucy in the background!

My whole outfit is from New Look today! Skinny jeans, peep toe shoes and top - all New Look. Sunglasses from Marks & Spencer

My top tips for crop tops:

  • Get it over-sized and loose. Ignore what the label says!

  • Make sure it doesn't come up over your boobs when you life your arms up!


Sorry for the funny angle this was taken at! Makes my waist look really odd!

  • Try to get one with a longer back - no bum cleavage or wobbly side bits showing!

  • If you're shy, wear over a plain body and denim shorts, or wear with high-waisted trousers/shorts to show less tummy and to hold in the hips!

What do you think of crop tops? Have I just committed a fashion crime or do you want one too?



  1. What wobbly bits!? You have a gorgeous figure! That's a beautts top too :) I love how it's simple but so chic :) well done for rocking it, you totes pull it off :D


  2. You look fab - I really like the crop tops that New Look has in at the moment. When I first heard they were coming back "in" I got a little worried and had flashbacks to the Spice Girls in the 90s but loose crop tops like yours look fab and are definitely summery! x

  3. Aww thank you very much. I'm really loving it... except when the wind caught it earlier... whoosh over my bra!

  4. You look really pretty! :) And I want your hair SO MUCH! xx

  5. Yeah I agree - tight crop tops don't suit anyone except a spice girl but loose ones are much easier to pull off xxx

  6. This really suits you! I love it..looks effortless! x

  7. This looks great on you =) I could never bring myself to show my stomach though haha, I'm not as skinny as you =P

  8. Hi Lauren

    Lovely blog...

    what belly you haven't got one..and no lovey you have not commited a fashion sin....you have started a fashion....

    theres this really nice black flowery shirt thats longer down the back in miss selfridge im thinking of getting that one...to do a look like this...maybe with a bodice underneath me neing muslim and all that..doesnt stop me loving clothes though...


  9. I think crop tops are ok if they are loose like the one you've got :) I saw a girl out over Christmas in a crop top...it was a mint green wooly affair and skin tight...not flattering! And she wore it with a furry bolero jacket!!!

    Love the photo of you stretching to check to top was long enough - made me laugh!


  10. I wish I could wear a crop top. Im not fat or anything (woah look at my modesty :/) but I have my belly pierced and it looks total chavvy.


  11. You have most definitely NOT fashion sinned - you look adorable! x


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