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30 Apr 2011

Lauren's Loves of the Week and a Craving...

I thought I'd share with you what I'm loving this bank holiday weekend...

Neon Pink Nail Varnish

This beauty is "Pink Voltage" by China Glaze and really does glow (especially under UV light). It's the perfect electro-Barbie pink!


Tassell Loafers


These beauties are from Dorothy Perkins and cost £32, except when I took them in store for a refund (I had a gift card, you can't spend gift cards online so the lady said to buy them online on my card, they'd refund them and re-sell them on my gift card) they were then £25! Bargain!

I bought loads more stuff when out shopping yesterday. I may do a "haul" post but will probably just try to work them into OOTDs at a later date.

Dove Sumer Glow + Soft Shimmer

I've not tried out a gradual tan before but I really like this. It's given me very golden natural looking tan top-ups between my weekly St Tropez fixes and it smells really lovely (much nicer than Johnson's - I don't like the vanilla smell).

Can you see the sparkles in this picture? They're really subtle and add a lovely glow to bare legs.


Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

This mask is amazing! I had a sample of it a while back with my Liz Earle order and used it up really quickly so I was delighted to be sent the full size! You leave it on for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (perfect while shaving legs in the shower!) and when you wipe it away you have brightened, radient skin! It's definitely helped me shrug off the last of my winter skin cells.

The formula is really rich and thick, and you can feel it tingle and cool your skin while it's on. I'm really liking it at the moment, and I haven't reacted to it so I have clear, glowing skin at the moment!


How freckly am I?! (the red marks either side of my nose are sunglasses marks!) I haven't been wearing foundation since the 2 week challenge so my freckles are out for all to see. I don't mind them though, I think they're quite cute.

The Royal Wedding!

I'm not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination. I tried to not let myself get drawn into the pre-wedding madness and did so very successfully. I told myself that I only wanted to see her dress... then I watched the whole thing. Seeing them smile when they made eye contact, seeing them hold hands when they thought nobody could see as they went through the horse guards tunnel... and THAT dress. It was just so wonderful and romantic. It's made me start to have pinings for weddings that I'd never had before. I've always been so strictly anti-getting married until I'm like 30, but now at 22 I want to have a big wedding. Flicking through the pages of Hey Gorgeous (an amazing, beautiful blog) I also spotted my dream wedding dress!

You can see the original, beautiful post here. It's a blush coloured, Vera Wang puff of amazingness and I wish it were mine. I think I'd wear it around the house every day! Sadly there's no chance I'm getting married within the next 4 years with the boyf starting Uni this year and everything.




  1. OMG! I love that dress too and am obsessed with Hey Gorgeous - i remember when she put this post up i totally fell in love with the dress! And i loved the Royal Wedding too! Me and my friend spent the whole night talking about it and how we wanted weddings now! xxShivvyxx

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who suddently (and irrationally) wants to get married! xxx

  3. I wasn't at all bothered by the wedding at first, in fact I slept through it! But then I saw all the news coverage and it was all really sweet and beautiful. I'm meant to be planning my own wedding, but I put it off during my final year of uni and I'd got bored with all the annoying decisions to make, but now I'm totally back into planning it all after seeing how wonderful a day it could be.

    Also, I love your freckles! I always wished I had freckles, they are so cute! :)

  4. I fancy a wedding too :p

    just bought that nail varnish...! x

  5. Ooh Treebs I'm so jealous you're getting married this year! and naughty girl buying nailvarnish. I expect to see it Friday xxx


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