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9 Apr 2011

Cute Alert! Mad Beauty Russian Doll Lip Balm review

How cute are these girls! If like me you were obsessed with the little Russian dolls that had smaller dolls inside, you'll love these lip balms!

These are MAD Russian Doll Lipbalms and come in Cherry, Vanilla or Apple flavour and are a bargainous £2.99. I was kindly sent one to review, mine was the blue lady - vanilla flavour

Isn't she a pretty little thing? I love the detailing. This may not be something that you'd use in public if you want to look serious but it is seriously cute!

Here's the product:

Yes it's blue! But it doesn't actually show up blue on your lips. It's clear like a normal balm.

My review: Firstly, the scent is very strong and I'm not a fan of vanilla scents so I wouldn't buy this one. I'd really love to try the apple flavour though. You can't really taste it when it's on though. However, the actual product is surprisingly good! I've seen some MAD products before and always wondered if makeup in novelty packaging would actually work, but this is very moisturisng and long lasting.

Would I purchase? I'd like to try the apple one if I see it! I think the balm is great enough that I'd actually want another when this runs out. I also think this would make a fantastic present for a young girl who's just getting into makeup or has chapped lips and wants a pretty alternative to a Vaseline tin!

Russian doll lip balms are £2.99 from here


  1. Ahh they're gorgeous and so cheap! I'm not keen on vanilla either but love apple. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Please vote for me to win Westfield's blogger style competition!

  2. These are so cute! I want one! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Ahhh! These are just too cute!

    Thanks for sharing! I love Russian Dolls :)


  4. This has got Annabella written all over it!

  5. Oh gawsh, far too cute! I think I have a lipbalm in nearly every cute shape imaginable already... but surely you can't have too many? haha

    Dayner x


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