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17 Mar 2011

A fellow fashionista needs our help!

Survey - Luxury accessories and you!


Hi everyone!

I know this is a little different to Laurens usual fashion related posts, so let me explain a little bit about me! My names Hannah and I’m currently in my final year of uni studying for a degree in Fashion Management with Marketing at Southampton Solent University. Final year = stressful final major project times and I would really love to do something a little different, I like to stand out from the crowd, this is where I need your help!!

My final major project is on the slightly mind numbing topic of cultural branding in Asia –with specific focus on a cultural branding strategy for Burberry to expand across the 3 main Asian markets. Whilst other students have chosen to do pretty books and creative projects I have gone for the more dissertation heavy idea – more fool me!

I don’t know about you, but I love luxury accessories. I’m forever lusting after the Chanel J20 watch, the newest Mulberry handbag and the famous Hermes Birken. In my mind, when I’m walking down the road carrying my Mulberry with my Pug on its lead I become a virtual celebrity with the pavement as my catwalk! (Sometimes even imagining passersby are paparazzi - I live in a small village it’s very dull)

So what I would love to know is why do we feel the need to buy into these luxury brands? Is it because we see our favourite celeb toting the latest bag, or it even being named after them (take Mulberry’s Alexa for example), or is it a deeper sense of fulfilling our own dreams of becoming part of this luxury cult?

If anyone can share why the luxury accessories market means so much to them, it would help me lots and lots and lots!


If anyone loathes the luxury market and could give me a little insight into why brand names mean nothing to them that would help me infinite amounts too!

Thanks everyone

Lots of xoxoxoxox Hannah


Please leave comments below with your opinions if you can help Hannah! x



  1. Dissertation ProofreadersFri Mar 18, 11:25:00 am GMT

    Hey Hannah, how's it going? I hope the disso is killing you.

    We are an academic proofreading company so we read thousands of dissertations each year and I read one last year which might be of interest to you.

    A guy wrote about how luxury brands (in particular luxury watch brands) sell their stuff. He stated that in reality, each watch serves the same function, and although style and aesthetics played a part in the brand selling the watch, the second most important aspect was the wording that they chose in their adverts. His focus was on the lexical use in luxury brand adverts, and he found that the notion of luxury was as heavily conveyed in the language as it was in the materials that the watch was made from.

    On top of that, I read an article in the Economist a while back which might help you with why luxury brands such as burberry are having such massive growth in the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies. It details in particular how Burberry has shaken off its 'chav' status and become a luxury brand in demand again.

    Here is the link:


    Here is another article which may be of interest:

    I hope this helps and doesn't confuse or make your work any harder!

    Any questions, just drop us a line or tweet us at proofread_essay.


  2. Just a few random thoughts....

    I have always wanted a Louis Vuitton, and the first thing I do when I qualify as an accountant will be to purchase one. So on the one hand it's a personal reward and treat, to buy into the kind of luxury that right now I could never afford. In a way I'd expect it to be an investment piece as I'd be hoping it would outlast half a dozen cheap bags!

    I do think one big pull, linked to the above would be status. Having a designer bag or brand instead of say primark, acts like a sign that you have the status and money to afford it. (even though so many people would buy designer on credit, but people don't think that when they see it)

    Obviously knowing what's 'in' or fashionable, Is shaped by the media, in particularly glossy magazines. Seeing our favourite celebs with the must have items only makes these items more desirable.


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