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3 Feb 2011

This is me

Two of the lovely girls from British Style Bloggers have launched a new body image campaign, asking the media to diversify its representation of women. The campaign is called NATURE MADE US BEAUTIFUL, and you can find out more about it HERE - or by emailing nmubcampaign@britishstylebloggers.org.uk.We can all make a difference, starting with us bloggers who can take part in Blogger Challenges.

The first blogger Challenge is called "this is me" and we have been asked to make a collage of ourselves. What we like, what we're proud of, our imperfections even, anything which shows the world who you really are. This is my attempt, made on Polyvore. This is me

I'll explain my choices:

  • I chose the big hair lady because I love big hair and I love this image. I wish I was artistic, but I'm not so I express myself in fashion, hair, making clothing etc.

  • The tea cup because I like a cup of tea. I can't drink tea with anything other than totally skimmed milk though. Strange fact

  • The handbag because I love handbags. I have a real problem with handbags, I want more and more. I'd love a Mulberry but for now I'm sticking with my knock-offs.

  • The LOVE is because I have studied British Sign Language for the last 2 years (although the pictures aren't actually of any real signs in BSL). I'm really proud of myself for learning another language and it's a really great after-work course to do.

  • I chose this lipstick because it's my favourite piece of makeup. I love makeup, as you can probably tell from my blog, and this colour "Girl About Town" by MAC is amazing.

  • The "All the cool kids are psychologists" is here because I work as an Assistant Psychologist, and one day I hope to be a Clinical Psychologist. It's a tough career and I will need a lot of luck to get onto the doctorate, but I am so excited for the day I'll be working as a doctor.

  • The shoe is because I like shoes. Need I say more

  • I chose this pink dress for my love of fashion. I love looking at fashion, making clothes, thinking about fashion... I'm obsessed!

  • I chose the pearls because I really love them - it sounds totally cheesy but there's something special about pearls, they used to be an annoyance and now they've been made into something beautiful. I like baroque pearls, they're cheaper because they are all odd shapes and sizes, with lumps and flat edges; I love their imperfection.

  • I chose my iPhone because I'm stuck to it!

  • The seagulls symbolise living by the sea my whole life. I couldn't live far away from the water and I love the way seagulls sound like they're laughing!

  • The laptop pictured is the same as mine, it's my blogging machine. Also I <3 blogs is to show my love of blogging and reading other blogs. Starting a blog has changed my life a huge amount

  • Finally, the kitty symbolises my own cat. I only inherited Button a month ago but I love her. Tuxedo cats are the best!

What do you think of my choices? I'd love to see your collages.



  1. Such a cute collage. I'm halfway through mine now, it's such a great campaign.


    p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^ I love the photo of my boyf too but if he sees that I've put it on my blog he'll KILL ME!

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  3. Ooh, I am going to do this today. What a fab idea!

    Carol x


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