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8 Feb 2011

A review with a twist - Nicky Clarke Flexi-Stylers heated rollers

Heated bendy rollers, or flexi-stylers are quite daunting I think. The idea of bending rollers to hold them in always put me off getting some rollers like this, so I was really excited to be sent them for review last week as I am a huge fan of rollers.

I received the Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi-Stylers, which you can get from Argos for £19.99 which isn't bad for rollers. This is what they looked like:

There are 18 rollers which come in a heated bag-type holder. The bag has a light to show you when they are heated and little slots to put all the rollers in.

And the rollers? They are rubbery textured, heated sticks! There are no clips, you just bend them and they (hopefully) stay. Sounds confusing and hard right? Yeah I thought so too... so I got my boyfriend to test them out for me. The basis of this theory - if he can do my hair with them, anyone can do it!

Here goes...

Firstly here's my normal, natural, not styled hair:


As you can see, I have very long, quite thick, naturally straight hair. Swisshh!


So my boyfriend read the instructions, we switched on the rollers (there are 3 heating cycles, you turn them off after the one which suits your hair. I had to leave them on for 30 minutes to pre-heat for very long or thick hair. As we waited, we decided on the look we wanted to try.


We chose to try the "soft tumbling curls" look so my boyfriend tried his very best to put the rollers in. Please remember he has no formal training in hair, or even much hair to play with in the first place.

As you can see, he found them really easy to put in. He took a section of hair, wound it parallel to the lock and up to the roots. Then bent the rollers round (this bit hurt a bit, though this could have been his rough man handling). They stayed in easily, no unwinding or falling out. He was very impressed with himself. I then left them in for half an hour until they cooled down, unwound them and ta da...!

The result: "Princess hair" as he called it. I had lots of natural looking ringlets which were bouncy and glossy. (the black thing on my bed - the cat. She follows me around!). So there you go - stick rollers are so easy, even a boy who doesn't know anything about hair can make them work and get great effects!

The curls didn't last very long (maybe from lunch until bed time) but I did have freshly washed hair and didn't use any products. Argos reviews are mixed (as they normally are for rollers) with some saying they don't hold, and others saying they are fantastic. I think practice and some setting spray will really help, and 2nd day hair would make it work better too.

The verdict: I'd rate these as 8/10. They are really simple to use, I'd prefer a quicker heat up time, but other than that I couldn't think of any changes I'd make to the product.


  1. Things like this make me want long hair!

    Carol x

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  3. Very pretty! Do you get to keep the wonderful things you get sent? If you do you can practise the different curl looks! Brilliant. :-)

  4. That's amazing, I can't believe they worked AT ALL on hair that long (I didn't realise how long your hair is, it's gorgeous!). For £20 they're a bargain. Must buy on payday!


  5. Aww thank you - yeah my hair is really long :-S Probably a bit my little pony.

    They are a really good price for rollers, I always avoided these types of rollers but now I know they're easy I'm really pleased!

  6. I think I get to keep them? To be honest PR companies don't talk about it and I'm so new to this getting sent stuff thing that I have no idea!

    But you're right, I'd love to be able to try these for longer - I really want to try the beachy waves look.

  7. Hehe, you should start reviewing sports cars and perhaps they'll send you one too!
    How do they find out about all these blogs and choose which to send their products to?!
    Well done!

    My hair never holds a style other than "messy" so I've long given up on trying new things with it. Long, thick and frizzy! Not a good combination. xx

  8. Haha yeah my boyfriend says that! Or expensive cameras!

    I don't know how they find bloggers. PR companies started adding me on twitter around Xmas time so maybe that's how they found me. If you're a blogger then maybe add them first and see if they do the same with you?

    Sorry to hear your hair doesn't do curly, but you probably rock the bed head look?! xxx

  9. Your hair is gooooorgeous! I always just still to my GHD's to curl my hair but really wanna try something new, can't decide what tho!

    Jo xoxo

    My little blog...

  10. i found this because i was looking for reviews and how to use the heated bendy rollers and your hair looks so fantastic and just like my friends who uses them, so i brought some! should be delivered in 3 days.. then i decided to have a look around this actual website blog thing (being nosey like ya do) looks really good so i decided to also make one :D hopefully i can work it all out okay and it's not too confusing! xx


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