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13 Feb 2011

My custom made Valentines Day card

My AMAZING friend, Megan Hedges - graphic designer and top-notch fashion journalist for The Chichester News designed a gorgeous Valentines card for me to give to my boyfriend!

See what she made me!

isn't she clever? I'm so pleased with it, I hope Simon loves it too.

If you want a custom made card, just visit her website and look through her previous work.

You may recognise the stunning Katie from Fake It 'Till You Make It on one of the cards!

What do you think of my card?



  1. That's lovely, she's so talented! I'm sure your fella will love it.


  2. That is brilliant hun. I love hand made cards, so personal and mean alot more. Anyone can go into a shop a grab a card, but it takes extra thought when making it. xx

  3. That is gorgeous!!
    It's a nice 'blokey' valentines day card too! Not fussy just perfect! x

  4. Wow! That is gorgeous!

    Hand made cards are lovely...makes them just that extra bit special! :)

    Very talented friend you have there!



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