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14 Feb 2011

MAC Girl About Town dupe - Barry M 145 Punky Pink

I'm sure you're all fed up of me banging on about MAC Girl About Town lipstick, the same colour Cheryl Cole reportedly wears, but it is my most favourite lipstick colour ever! However for £13.50, it's a real treat. So imagine my glee when I realised an old favourite, Barry M lip paint in 145 - Punky Pink is a perfect dupe - and only £4.49!

Here's the evidence...

The swatches show the huge similarity in the colours, which doesn't come across as clearly in the tubes here. However I'd say the colour match is really close!

The formulas are very similar, with the MAC formula being more creamy, giving better colour pay-off and thicker coverage, but for the price, the Barry M is a fantastic dupe, and is also moisturising unlike many Barry M fomulas.




Here's the swatches on lips, MAC on the left, Barry M on the right. Ignore the trout pout!

As you can see, the MAC on the left gives a thicker coverage and is slightly darker. The Barry M is brighter and thinner, you can see the un-even coverage on my bottom lip. However as I said before, for the huge difference in price, the Barry M is a great replacement.




  1. Wow they're pretty much identical! Great spot. That colour looks gorgeous on you by the way.


  2. they look exactly the same to me! so jealous of you to rock a bright lip that well xx

  3. Such a lovely colour on you! Great dupe find, too.

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  5. Love it when you can buy such a close dupe!! Then if you decide the colour isn't quite for you - it's not so much of a waste! Plus you can always replace with the more expensive if you think it will be worth it :)

    It looks lovely on you here.

    Jo xoxo

    My little blog...

  6. I think I actually prefer the color of the Barry M, and since Barry M is cruelty-free and MAC currently is NOT, it's an easy choice for me!
    "Punky Pink" isn't the most appealing name, but I can deal.


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