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5 Feb 2011

Lauren... Fashion Agony Aunt

I was asked on Formspring yesterday "I've just bought a pair of dark denim Levi high waisted shorts, and I'm stuck as to what to wear with them? I'm obvs thinking tights, because it's freeeezing, but stuck on shoes/tops! Any ideas?! xx"

A good question - it seemed Helen from Live Life Love was a bit stuck on something that gets a lot of us - How can we make a look work for every season? Here are the shorts in question, some gorgeous vintage, high waisted Levi's.

So what can Helen wear for the Winter with these shorts? Here's my idea based upon preppy style, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

Denim Shorts for Winter

Here's my outfit:

  • Start off with a basic black strappy top and layer over a big sheer blouse like this one from New Look for £22

  • Tuck the shirt into the shorts with some hanging over so it looks loose and casual.

  • Wear some thick cable knit tights under the shorts to keep your legs warm. I sometimes wear mine over the top of thick black leggings!

  • Layer on a chunky cable cardigan, I love this one by Mantaray at Debenhams for £38.

  • Prep  up the style with these gorgeous lace up boots by River Island at ASOS for £35, and this lovely canvas and leather satchel, which is also from River Island at ASOS for £40.

What do you think?

Do you have an item of clothing you don't know how to wear? Do you want to try out a new trend but not sure how? Come let me and my readers know, email the item to me lauren@laurenlovesblog.com or Formspring me like Helen did!



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