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27 Feb 2011

Crimes of Fashion Weekend - Sunday

Who's your style icon? Lauren Conrad? Alexa Chung? Princess Jasmine? If so, your luck is in as ASOS take the hareem pant to whole new levels!

Even the model's face is like "you're joking... right?"

So if you want to go out, looking like you're in fancy dress and with people looking at your pants, then ASOS is the place to go. These are being marketed as "beach trousers" but I don't think that's a clothing item that's really been explored before now - maybe they made up that title to get people to buy them?

If you do want to get them, maybe you have a fancy dress party coming up, they are £28 from here.



  1. Hello!

    I really love the layout of your blog.

    Those harem trousers actually amaze me with how crap they are. I would NEVER wear them, even on a beach.

    Sarah Betty xx


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