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26 Feb 2011

Crimes of fashion weekend - Saturday

Today our crimes of fashion come from Topshop!

Crime number 1:

First we have these foil joggers by KTZ which cost a shocking £130. Not only are you paying for jogging bottoms made of shiney, odd material, but they are also see-through! Just what you always wanted to waste £130 on. If you have more money than sense, they are here.

Crime number 2

Ever wanted to look like a cowgirl? Me neither! But if you have some strange urge to wear suede fringe leggings, then these are £28 from here. All I can think is that the tassles would be REALLY annoying, a little big ridiculous and probably get caught on something and rip.


  1. Wow! Those joggers are hideous!

    Not liking those fringe leggings either! >.<


  2. Not gonna lie, i think the joggers are awesome ahaha! xxxx

  3. Haha you just made me giggle Millie. :-) xxxx

  4. shit those are yuck.........


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