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16 Feb 2011

BRIT Awards Outfits judged

So the BRIT awards were last night, and here's the round up of the outfits. Let's start with the good ones...


Rihanna shocked in her on-stage outfit and wore a very unusual dress on the red carpet, but I loved the dress she wore to pick up her "Best International Female" award. This feminie, beautiful dress may look a bit weddingy, but with her ample cleavage on display and her bright red hair it was kept modern and different and really showed off her gorgeous figure.


Sophie Ellis-Bexter turned up looking pale and interesting in this gorgeous spotty prom-style dress. It's a classic 1950s cut and really suits her. I love it!


I loved former Pussycat Doll Kimbery Wyatt's sheer dress and Marylin Monroe style hair. She looked perfectly dressed for the occasion - not too dressy but not to casual. I love the earrings too, keeping the accessories simple and gorgeous


I love Tinie Tempah - mainly for his style! He wore this unsual two-tone suit with (fake) glasses - in the pre-award show, Dave Berry uncovered the truth behind those glasses! I think he looked really modern, but smart and I love the bow tie!


The gorgeous Adele - lots of people have slagged off her outfit, skin coloured tights and size (with someone on TheMail Online saying "she could do with saying no to chips for a while" but I think it's gorgeous. It's an elegant, classic outfit, but kept young with sheer sleeves and that gorgeous 60s style makeup.


I really thought Ferne Cotton's chain mail dress and red shoes were so different and made her stand out for the right reasons! Although I feel bad for her because you can kind of see her Spanx! I also love her tiny feminie handbag but I'm not sure it goes with the outfit. I'm glad to see Ferne looking more blonde again.


Oh Rihanna, you have such a gorgeous figure but this outfit did nothing for you. We all know Rihanna is skinny as anything, but the combination of an unflattering leg-line and shoe-boots make her legs looks short and chunky compared to her skinny body. Someone get the girl some nude heels!


I normally love Ellie Goulding's style, but this dress was so unflattering on her. I love the thigh-high split, but the strange material around the waist did nothing for her. I like her new lavendar-shaded hair though and love the fierce shoes!


This dress is beautiful, but again did nothing for Cheryl Cole's gorgeous figure, with some girls on Twitter commenting on her "food baby" yesterday. I love the thigh high split again though, but the hair and heavy makeup along with this dress makes her look older than she is.


I really didn't like Jessie J's outfit last night :-( I normally love her style, and elements of this are great like the colour of the dress against her skin tone, the sexy Louboutins and the tights, but the shape of the dress is just odd, the skirt is VERY short and the red lipstick doesn't go... sorry.


I thought Cee-Lo Green's chav-tastic outfit last night was hilarious! He'd just flown over from America and was clearly exhausted, so what else to do but wear a tracksuit... with bling! This diamante encrusted wonder was really different and maybe a little dressed down?! Love him for wearing it though!


Now this is a fashion crime! Actress Preeya Kalidas turned up in this skin-tight catsuit with stripper heels. It is not flattering even on her tiny figure and camel-toes will never be in fashion!


Finally my 2nd favourite Radio 1 presenter (after Scott Mills) Sarah Cox turned up in this very strange dress which didn't really suit her at all. It's just very bland, a bit Western bar girl and part can-can dancer.


So that's my round up of the Brit's outfits. What did you think of the outfits? Did you watch The BRITS last night?

All images from The Mail Online and HeatWorld



  1. I loved Sophie Ellis Bexter's dress. She looked stunning. I was definitely not a fan on Cee Lo green and Jesse J!

  2. some lovely outfits really liked rihanna's dress. and Kimbery Wyatt looks adorable.
    have to agree with you about sara coxs dress, she posted the dress on twitter a few days back- didn't think she'd actually wear it though lol!

  3. I agree with them all. I was really disappointed in Ellie Goulding but I love Kimberly Ws dress, amazing!

  4. It's a shame people aren't keen on Ellie's dress, it's vintage westwood. Like you said Lauren, I don't think it suits her frame.

  5. Definitely agree with your views on these outfits...

    Rihanna's white dress looked gorgeous! Such a shame about the outfit she wore on stage though! :(

    It's also good to see Kimberly Wyatt blonde again - I didn't think her brunette locks suited her as much as the blonde! Love her outfit also! :)


  6. I loved what Ellie was wearing i really thought she pulled it off because she is so thin the drop waist doesn't make her look huge! And i think she had the best shoes without a doubt! x

  7. It's a lovely dress but I just think it didn't flatter her lovely figure. She definitely had the best shoes though! x

  8. I love Sophie E-B's dress, it's gorgeous and totally "her". x

  9. As usual, in agreement with all the judgements Lauren, good work!

    BUT-how could you not comment on the fashion nightmares Take That were sporting?! Mark Owen was wearing what looked like a shawl from an '80s womenswear catalogue, Gary Barlow's shirt and tie combo was hideous and Robbie looked like he had his wife's harem trousers on backwards! Bad bad times!!!

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