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6 Jan 2011

Top 10 fasions men don’t get

Women's fashion - it's baffling for poor men. I've done a survey on facebook and found out the top fashions that women love, and men lothe.

1. Minx nails - or as quoted from my boyfriend "why are there shiny stickers on your nails?"

2. Jeggings - these can be very unflattering, but surely boys should like tight clothing?

3. Jumpsuits - many of my girlfriends are banned from wearing these by their boyfriends.

4. Ugg boots - my brother recently asked me "can we just ban them please?". I don't think he understands how comfortable they are!

5. Gladiator sandles and hairbands - my friend Fraz said he obviously "didn't get the memo that Romans were in"!

6. Shoulder pads - make women "look like blokes". You've been warmed.

7. Glasses with no lenses in - if you don't need glasses why do you wear them?

8. Boots with peep toes - surely your feet are hot or cold, not both?

9. Handbags for dogs - dogs can walk by themselves

10. Tiny hats - these are just odd. Even to many girls.

What do you think girls? Personally I love most of the things on this list (except tiny top hats and dogs in bags, mainly because I have a cat).

And finally, here's a man overheard quote my friend Sam heard with her own ears: "I was in Primark today and a guy was there with a girl, and he said, 'bloody hell you can buy 120 pairs of tights for £3? Why would you buy them anywhere else?' The girl had to explain that wasn't actually the number of tights he was looking at" Fantastic!



  1. I have to agree with the uggs thing, i come from the home of uggs and rule is there not ment to be worn past the letter box.
    And jeggings ladies please they are not pants, if you want to wear them like that please where at top that covers your bum and make sure you have a figure to match!!!

  2. This is such a great post! my boyfriend doesn't really mind what I wear... the only thing he was slightly confused with were my brogues, other than that he likes that I dress a little odd at times!

  3. Apparently they're not big on red lipstick either! http://www.manrepeller.com/2011/01/trend-spotting-red-lips-man-repeller-or.html

  4. I am soooooo wearing Roman gladiator sandals and hairbands all the time now, had no idea my boyfriend was so befuddled by them!

  5. This made me titter ;) 'surely your feet are hot or cold, not both?'

    @ Hamburger Nor Orange lipstick! I bought some yesterday & got the same mental look OH gives whenever Lady Gaga is on TV lol

  6. Great post - I agree with all of these. My guy friends seem to get quite confused by jumpsuits and jeggings and think that Uggs are just hideous. Most of my girl friends completely disagree! x

  7. peep toes and glasses are on my list too :)


  8. Haha love the man overheard quote! There is a boy I know who wears MAN UGGS. It just looked really, really odd! x


  9. Is it really bad that I totally agree with men on this one!!
    I just don't like most of those things :S I feel like I'm taking the wrong side :(
    The only thing that I like is jumpsuits though. Gotta love dungarees :P. I think they look gorgeous. I can see how men would find them impractical though.... aha

    Rainbows and Buttons


  10. Great post! It really brought the lols! My bf thinks my fave pair of wedge boots from Zara are 'mad' !! They'll never get it! X
    Burn the Blonde

  11. LOL! Interesting, and I agree with most of them, especially UGG's boots!

  12. LOL this is great! My boyfriend hates jeggings and leggings as well...he calls them "slut pants"! especially when girls wear them with a top that doesnt cover their butt!
    and lol @ the peeptoe boots...to be honest thats actually what I thought when I first came across them...I'm like uh, whats the point of having boots with your toe sticking out? :P but now ive got a few pairs myself and see the fashionable side of it!

  13. Great post! The 120 tights for £3 made me laugh and reminded me of several occasions I wish I'd left my OH in Game to be picked up when I'm done shopping!

  14. I think my OH agrees with pretty much everything on there, he's a jeans & t-shirt guy & thinks men wearing cardigans is too extreme!! He doesn't get my geek glasses but he does love a red lippie so he's a keeper! lol


  15. What a great post!!! So funny! Half of these I don't "get" either!!!

  16. wow, awesome post, I was wondering the same thing. and found your site by google, many userful stuff here, now i have got some idea. bookmarked and also signed up your rss. keep us updated.

  17. My boyfriend doesn't get a lot of what I wear.

    One of then is colored tights "Why do you want smurf legs?" Especially when worn with shorts. I recently wore purple tights with shorts and he thought it was the weirdest thing.

    Also, blush. He says "why is it attractive to have cheeks that look sunburned?"

    I think he secretly likes my "unique" sense of style though.

    It's funny to hear what guys say about fashion.

  18. Have to agree with the men for one or two of these! But the jeggings/leggings, the lads I know love them, obvious reasons really! I giggled @lucy's comment about the jumpsuits, thats exactly what I thought! x


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