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17 Jan 2011

Matalan Summer 2011 looks

I was lucky enough to get the Matalan Summer 2011 look book last week and after having a look through, I'm really excited about the release of the new collection which is due out this month!

Here are my favourites:

Belted ditsy rose playsuit - £18

Stone hareem trousers - £18

Navy duffle jacket - £25

floral gypsy top - £10

printed wide leg trousers - £16 Palazzo pants are big news this summer. I think I'll treat mine like a long skirt.

Floral stripe bandeau bikini top - £6 and bottoms - £5

Some gorgeous shoes!

So what are your top picks? Will you be waiting outside at opening time when the collection is released? Let me know your thoughts.

All items will be available from Matalan



  1. I thought you didn't like hareem trousers....? - read in a previous article.

  2. In my post I said I liked them - I own a pair. I just said I can't wear them out the house cos they don't suit me at all. I love them as house trousers though and jealous they suit others.

    Don't be shy next time when commenting, I won't bite if you say something different to what I've said :-) xxx

  3. Love the playsuit. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go to Matalan, usually end up picking up something and the prices are amazing. x

  4. Love those hareem trousers - again, like you, they don't suit me at all!


  5. wow i love your blog, it is amazing!! <3

  6. Hi
    Agreed you said you liked them but couldn't wear them but you wrote it in an article about fashions from 2010 you hope not to see again in 2011. Surely this implies that you don't like them? And saying you tried to love them, but couldn't...
    I think that most fashions are aimed at people who sit in offices or attend meetings etc. Quite often they're not suitable for "hands on" workers who can't trot around all day in kitten heels and ruffled blouses. There's too much pressure on women to look a certain way and follow trends. Why can't we just be happy with the way we are? Beauty starts from the inside out and our style merely represents our conforming to society...
    Apologies for the rant, it isn't actually aimed at you. It would just be nice to sometimes see that other voices are heard. Your blog is so popular because fashion is so popular and people listen to what you have to say, which is good! But what about the people who don't have the confidence or lifestyle to follow these trends? They have opinions too but no one seems to want to listen because it's different to what society has decided. X

  7. Hi anon,

    I think if you're looking for serious journalism, here isn't really the place to go. I probably do say things that contradict myself, or exaggerate my feelings towards things like hareem trousers, saying I don't want to see them again, even though I don't mind them for the sake of an article - I'm sure all fashion blogs do. At the end of the day, my blog is my hobby and I'm sorry if I'm not doing it expertly.

    I wouldn't wear hareems to work either. I work with mentally disabled people so it wouldn't be appropriate, although I haven't said that this would be good office wear. I'm not sure where this work thing has come from? I wear boring trousers and a white shirt and barely any make up due to the age group and gender of my patients.

    I think if people don't have the confidence to wear these trends then they probably wouldn't read my blog? But then again I may talk about these trends but I don't wear half of them myself, I just talk about them because they're fashion and I've read about them and think my readers would be interested too. I wear what I want, even if it's not "in fashion" mainly beause nobody has the money to stay in fashion! Maybe these people who don't like fashion should start up a blog and that'd become really popular? I'm afraid my blog is about fashion, but that doesn't mean I wear it - as I said before this is my hobby so I will talk about things I like such as fashion and catwalk shows but it's not my job and I can't afford or have the time to be always super in fashion, plus some of the trends are just ridiculous!


  8. Happy the way we are?

    So you don't do anything to sort your hair out in the morning?

    You don't smarten up for a job interview?

    You don't pick out a nice looking car to drive?

    Fashion is another form of art. You can enjoy fashion without taking it deadly seriously. It's fashion, not Chairman Mao.

  9. Hi other anon

    Thank you for your comment. I agree, fashion is art and it shouldn't be taken seriously and not everyone has to follow. Saying fashion is shallow and People should be happy the way they are is also something I don't agree with, because as you point out people do dress up for interviews and to make a good impression. I think my blog is being taken too seriously - it isn't serious journalism, it's my diary of things I like.

    Thanks again

  10. Hi Lauren,

    I think you have misunderstood what I meant – for which I apologise.

    As I said previously my rant wasn’t aimed at you – more, I guess at society!!

    It would just be nice for people who aren’t as confident to try new fashion, or those that work in environments where you can’t “dress up” for work are offered opportunities to see that it’s okay to wear jogging bottoms and a t-shirt to work and you will still fit in with society and you can still look pretty…. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere that promotes this. And most likely because people don’t want to read it! It’s hardly a good read talking about the joys of jogging bottoms because they are easily washed when you get covered in all sorts from work!! :-)

    This is not a criticism of you – you merely write about your thoughts and opinions. But when magazines such as Heat feel it’s acceptable to circle flaws in celebrities is it any wonder that people feel pressured into dressing up with clothes and make-up? People aren’t complemented for not wearing make-up; but for wearing make-up. Perhaps it should be Heat magazine I share my rants with in future…?! X

  11. Thanks for your comment. Sorry if I took what you said wrong, I've been getting a lot of horrible comments recently so I guess I'm ultra sensitive to certain comments?

    I understand your point - I worked with disabled kids at a playscheme for a few years so going to work looking good was a no-no. Sadly I think you're right that nobody wants to read about normal every day fashion though.

    I whole-heartedly agree with your comment about Heat's circle of shame thing. It's disgusting to pick out people for looking normal! I like when they do the "celebs with no make up on" though because it makes me realise I'm not that bad looking! Is that a bit contrary?

    I don't know if people are pressured into wearing certain things? I personally love dressing up and get great pleasure from getting ready for a day or night out but I guess that's just personal preference?

    Again sorry for taking your comments the wrong way - I was told I'd "stolen" a feature that I've never even seen to steal this morning so I was obviously hyper-vigilant. It's good to have a discussion like this though. Maybe if you wanted to, you could write an article about this and send it to me anonymously on formspring or email it to me (I won't judge who you are now that we've cleared things up!). I'd be really interested in writing a piece about normal fashion and the ideas that some magazines (looking at you Heat) promote?


  12. Hi Lauren,

    I'm glad we've cleared things up - the last thing I would ever want to do is intentionally upset someone. (Or want to unintentionally upset someone!)

    You articles are a great way for you to express yourself and if people didn't enjoy them the blog wouldn't be so popular!

    I guess I have a different perspective of fashion and I feel quite passionately about it. At the same time, I agree - it's great to dress up and I personally don't feel pressured into dressing in the latest fashions but people I know do - young impressionable people! :-)

    As for someone accusing you of stealing their article - that's just mean! And you're not shallow ;-) xx


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