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19 Jan 2011

How to… do a facial at home

Facials are a lovely treat every month or so, but costs can add up so why not try a facial at home. Remember, doing a facial at home may not be comparable to having one done by a professional (I feel I must add this after the controversy of the Minx at home post!)

Step 1: Cleanse

Start off by applying cleanser in the motion shown, start at the neck and sweep upwards over the cheeks. Then sweep under the nose onto the cheeks and up the nose and over the forehead.

Remove the cleanser in the same way, using 2 sponges and warm water. I recommend Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - £13.25 for fantastic cleansing powers and for being so gentle. Just google it for the rave reviews!


Step 2: Exfoliate

 The next step is to remove all dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. This is applied in the same method as the cleanser, gently rubbing in small circular motions, being careful to avoid the eyes and mouth.  Concentrate on the cheeks, chin and around the nose - areas where you get spots and thicker areas of skin. There are so many good exfoliators out there, including this L'Oreal Exfolionic one - £6.99, and Dermalogican daily microfoliant which is more expensive at £22.

Remove the exfoliator with the warm sponges and water, ensuring it is all removed.

Step 3: Face mask

This step is a real treat - smother on a lovely facemask and lie back for 10 minutes with some cotton pads soaked in cool water over your eyes. There are so many different face masks, all targeting different skin problems. I prefer a moisturising one this time of year to help tackle the damage that heating causes. This one by Body Shop is £11. Alternatively, the Liz Earle intensive nourishing mask (reviewed by my mum here!) is strange in the way that it goes hard like any other face mask but really moisturises - it's available from here for £13. When your 10 minutes are up, remove with a cloth soaked in hot water.

Step 4: eye cream

The next step is to apply a good eye cream. Apply small dots with your ring finger on the bone around the eyes. Don't apply any nearer to the eye than on the orbital bones or it could go in your eyes. Make sure you apply it gently, the skin is very fragile so you don't want to pull it. My mum recommends L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-wrinkle and firming eye cream - £8.20

Step 5: moisturise!

Time to put back that moisturiser. Again apply it in the same gently sweeping motion as you did the cleanser. If you are doing your facial before bed, I'd recommend Essential Care Organic Ultra Rich (£18) This moisturiser is practically olive oil, and is very shiney and greasy looking but incredibly moisturising and fantastic for those with ultra-dry, eczema prone or allergic skin types. Otherwise, your regular day moisturiser is perfect.

So there you go, how to do your own facial. Give it a go!



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  2. What a fab post! I really need to try Liz Earle products! Have read so many good things about the cleanser!
    Might have to give myself a mini facial tonight! :)

  3. thanks for this fantastic post! really needed some help on a diy facial! would love to try out the Body Shop's vitamin E mask as my skin is really dehydrated due to the weather etc.


  4. This is a lovely post, home facials are so simple and so effective! I must try that Body Shop face mask. I like to lie back with a face mask on and soak cotton pads in Liz Earle Eye Bright soothing eye lotion to revive my windows to the soul! Think I'll give myself a facial this evening :) x x

  5. Love this post.. Just added it to my bookmarks! ;-) x

  6. Oh i've always failed horrendously at doing facials at home but this looks so simple! Fingers crossed my skin will start to look a lot freshers once i try this. Thanks for the lovely post! :)

  7. Great post! I really should get round to trying the hot cloth cleanser, everyone seems to love it! :) xxxx

  8. I recognise that drawing! :)

  9. I just spent 16 min writing a comment and when I finally finished Opera crashed and my comment was lost. So now I will keep it short and straight to the point. I find something interesting to read on your blog every time I visit it. Respect!

  10. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry Opera crashed :-S but thank you for your really lovely comment :-) xxx

  11. Good luck. Hope it works :-) xxx

  12. thanks for the post... pretty useful...:D


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