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25 Jan 2011

France gives makeup lessons to unemployed women

I read this on Yahoo news today, the Pole Emploi agency in France is giving long-term unemployed women makeovers.

They say that the scheme has been set up to boost the confidence of women who have been out of work for years and too busy -- or simply too discouraged -- to worry about their appearance. The target audience are women returning to work after a break to having a family which I think is a fantastic boost, but concerning, the makeup artist who was behind this - Regine Ferrere, says that his is better than sending them to a psychologist...

The basic lessons being taught are that applicant should have clear skin, sparkly looking eyes and wear colours which suit your skin tone, but are also given confidence boosting advice throughout the day.

My verdict? It's fantastic that they are giving women a confidence boost, giving these women a bit more self-esteem and confidence so when they go to interviews, they know they are presenting the best possible "face" (quite literally) that they can. However, I would be concerned that this boost wouldn't be maintained the minute these women go back to the home environment. These women need to develop a supportive social network outside of their family, possibly of women who are employed, to give them that daily boost and feeling of self-worth within an adult environment. Furthermore, I hope the employers have a good support service to ease these women back into the workplace and let them know they have flexibility to start work in the way they need to.

What do you think about this scheme? Do you agree with it, disagree with it, or like me think that it's a good boost, but these confidence increases need to be maintained?



  1. I think this is such a fantastic idea. I was unemployed for 6 months last year after being made redundant and literally the whole time I had horrendous spots due to the stress of having no money and the general horribleness of job-hunting: I'd never had bad skin before AT ALL and it cleared right up as soon as I found work. Anything that makes these women feel good about themselves, and therefore confident in interviews, is a positive.


  2. I absolutely love the theory behind this and I'm sure with more research they'd find an improvement in the women's self esteem and levels of confidence. I am always looking for ways to improve confidence, believing that adopting the habits, mannerisms and thoughts of confident people - using them as a template, increases the self-belief that you have confidence too. These makeover's are an excellent basis for adopting those kind's of thought processes. I think there is long-term gain to be had here as long as this initial confidence boost has enough of a knock on effect to encourage the individual to take positive steps towards facing the world - and like you say Lauren, meet people, develop a supportive social network and ease back into those sorts of environments. A fab scheme - I think we should have something like this over here!


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