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10 Dec 2010

Personal post: My holiday in Germany

As some of you who I chat to on Twitter will know (I'm @laurenlovesblog) I went to Germany at the weekend with my lovely boyfriend! We've been going out 5 years and this is our first holiday so it's about time!

Here's some photos of our holiday

Cologne Cathedral was HUGE! I felt dizzy when I looked up at it!

I loved the German markets! These little bread men had real pipes baked into them!

Next to the cathedral was a Louis Vuitton shop! I enjoyed looking in the window!

I loved this German nutcracker bin in the markets!

And that's me with a giant santa! Check out my shopping bags!!

There were lots of street performers in Cologne!

and on the last day we went to Bruges

We had a lovely long weekend! Sorry for my absence on twitter but thank god for scheduled posting right!



  1. I went to Bruges last December and loved it! Germany looks fab and festive too, I want to go there at some point. Glad you had a lovely holiday! x

  2. Wow looks like you had a fab time I lovegoing away little jonts on the run up t o christmas gets me right into the spirit. Germanys never a place i've thought about going but it looks beautiful xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely holiday! Germany is beautiful!


  4. I LOVE Christmas markets! So cute! Looks like you had fun :)

  5. Thanks for your comment by the way about the stressful uni work. It isn't easing off unfortunately but I'm ploughing on! You're right, non-students definitely do not understand. It can be quite frustrating! Well done on completing a Masters! I'm well impressed! xx

  6. I'm hoping to go there next year, it looks amazing, especially at Christmas. :)


  7. O wow! it seems you spent the weekend amazingly... love:D...


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