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29 Dec 2010

How to: Liz Earle Energising Range - for New Year skin perfection

New Year's Resolution 2: improve my skin, prevent cellulite and wake up my dull skin

Urgh, Winter skin. Need I say more? It's not just the weather that's dull and grey at the moment is it girls? Well here's a quick "how to" get brighter, more beautiful skin.

What products do I use?

Boots exfoliating gloves - £2.60, Sanctuary spa results cellulite massager - £7.99, Liz Earle orange flower body wash - £10.75 (I would show the Energising body wash, but when I went to take a picture yesterday morning, it appears Mum has used it all up!), Liz Earle energising body scrub - £12.50, and Liz Earle energising body lotion - £16.50.

Step 1: dry body brush
This body brush by Sanctury from Boots is specially designed for detoxing, boosting lymphatic drainage and circulation in an effort to prevent or reductce the appearence of cellulite. Sadly mine has started to yellow a little on the side which first touches my body (I blame the fake tan last summer!) but the nodules work well to brush and energise the skin before you shower. Use it in circular, sweeping motions upwards towards your heart for best effects.


Step 2: wash!

Using the Boots exfoliating gloves, use a big dollop of Liz Earle energising body wash. Mum bought the Liz Earle energising body wash a couple of months ago and it's brilliant for your morning shower. This gel body wash is fresh and herby and really wakes up your senses on dull mornings before work. It includes essential oils and fragrances to wake up your skin and your brain, and smells quite herby and unisex. Definitely a hit in my house.

The exfoliating gloves are amazing! they really make your skin feel soft and smooth after a little scrub and again help wake up tired skin. I use these products before I shave my legs!

Step 3: scrub!

The key to glowing skin is to remove the dead layers and boost circulation and this body scrub does just that. After using the gloves to take off some of the cells, this scrub gets in deep and massages tired skin. It contains ground olive stones to gently buff skin, and has a refreshing rose and jojoba scent which is quite "woody" and again isn't that feminie so can be used by both sexes. I wouldn't choose it for the scent, but it does a very good job of buffing compared to many other brands (I'm looking at you Boots sugar scrub!)  I love that post-scrub feeling!

Raing: 4/5. I would prefer it to smell more feminine and delicate, but if you can ignore the smell, it's a very good body scrub.

Step 4: moisturise!

What must you do during winter? Put back that moisture! After abusing your skin with all this energising, cellulite preventing, scrubbing and buffing, you have to treat your skin to some TLC and this body lotion does just that.

Containg caffine, avacado, ginko biloba, grapefruit, patchouli and peppermint oils among many others, the smell of this is enough to wake you up and energise you! The ingredients smooth, firm and tone your skin, as well as helping to improve its appearance, elasticity and help firm skin. It can be used all over the body, and as with the body brushing, it should be applied in firm, circular motions moving upwards.

The actual product smells lovely, all the ingredients again ensure that it isn't floral and feminine, but fresh and bright. The lotion isn't greasy and sinks into skin well, helping it feel soothed and refreshed.

Another rating of 4/5 - I would prefer the scent to be less herby, but it performs well and is energising and refreshing.

I hope this tutorial was helpful, and here's to smoother, more lovely skin for 2011, and definitely less cellulite! (damn you Christmas food!)



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