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24 Nov 2010

Lauren Loves on Beauty Chat Tuesday

I was lucky enough to be featured on the gorgeous Lauren's Beauty Chat Tuesday. Lauren's blog LoveLaughLauren is fantastic and full of gorgeous hauls, OOTDs and reviews. Head over to her blog here.

The interview was so much fun so I'd like to say a huge thank you to Lauren for letting me be her 2nd interviewee! If you want to be interviewed in her Beauty Chat Tuesday, email her at lovelaughlauren@live.co.uk with Beauty Chat Tuesday in the subject box!

Here's my interview:

This week we have Lauren from Lauren Loves. This stunning girlie has fab outfit of the day posts and will excite your inner shopaholic with her gorgeous wishlist posts. Here are her answers!

1. You're allowed only 5 products to take on away holiday with you, which 5 do you pick?
Firstly, Batiste dry shampoo! This is my saviour on lazy days, or when I over-straighten my hair and it lacks oompf! Second and Thrid are two amazing items from Tigi's superstar range - especially Queen for A Day thickening spray and the blow-dry lotion because I love big hair. The fourth item I need is my MeMeMe flawless concealer (my review is here) for under-eye bags, and finally I always have to wear mascara to open up my tiny eyes - my favourite is MaxFactor's false lash effect mascara.

2. Name your three favourite blogs (please link!)
This is so hard! I love so many blogs – including yours obviously!

I love Nic @ The War Paint Guru for her honest product reviews

I love Rhiannon @ Hey Gorgeous for her AMAZING coverage of beautiful weddings. Makes me want to get married!

I love May at May Loves Makeup for her brilliant reviews and for being so amazingly friendly

And can I add a non-beauty related one just for being amazing please? It’s Hyperbole and a Half which is just the funniest blogs I have ever read!

3. If I gave you £100 to spend on beauty products, what would you buy?
Oh that’d be very generous of you! I’d probably buy a couple of MAC lipsticks, I love pinks so I’d rebuy my “Girl About Town”, and also get a couple of lipglasses there – I’m terrible at the nude lip look so I’m sure the MUAs there could help me. I’ve recently bought a new Dior foundation (which I’m not allowed yet as Mum is giving it to me for Christmas) but I loved it so much when she colour matched me I’d probably buy another. I’d then go mad on the Barry M website and buy all the colours of nailvarnish – they’re so cheap I could probably buy them all on this budget! And possibly the new Models Own set of glitter nail varnishes – have you seen them?!

4. Which item do you use religiously?
I think I named them all in my items to take on holiday! Probably the one I use religiously would be my Liz Earle cleanse, tone and moisturise (this counts as one item because you can buy it in a pack of 3!). I absolutely love Liz Earle and I recommend it to everyone.

5. What is your favourite high street beauty product?
It HAS to be my Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner! I live in liquid eyeliner, I think it really makes me look “made up” like I’ve made an effort; and the brilliant thing is that it’s so cheap and yet works brilliantly!

6. What is your favourite high-end beauty product?
At the moment it’s my Dior foundation. It’s called Diorskin Nude and it’s really fresh and light but gives lovely, medium coverage when applied with a brush without looking cakey. I love that Dior have created foundation tones for pink-toned girls like me – other foundations are so orange on my face but this one is lovely and natural. I was so impressed, it’s definitely worth the £28 price tag!

7. What was the last thing you purchased?
I bought a load of items from Barry M when they had a sale on (see here) which I HAVE to swatch some time soon for my readers (it will be up tomorrow! Promise!). Sadly when I finish work these days there’s no natural light so that doesn’t make for good photos. I bought the touch of magic lip paint which turns from green to pink! Dolly Pink lip paint which is very Barbie and cute, Strawberry Milkshake Lipgloss Wand which I’ve worn every day since I got it and a Rose blusher which is matte and pink!


8. What inspired you to start blogging?
Well I’ve always loved fashion and beauty, and I talk to anyone and everyone about it and ended up boring my boyfriend, friends and family to tears! I thought I’d do the fair thing and put it on a blog to get it out my system and surprisingly people actually want to read it! I’m so glad I started a blog though – I love the community and how all the girls get together behind a cause and are so friendly.

9. What attracts you to follow a new blog?
I LOVE photos! If a blog has lots of photos and well written content then I am on it! I am really picky about beauty product reviews too – I love bloggers who will show you the product on their faces -. when girls swatch lipstick on their lips I think it makes a huge difference because the products just don’t look the same on the back of a hand. Plus it helps if the blogger is called Lauren :-P

10. Which products do you regret buying and why?

I totally regret getting Barry M’s peachy pink, it looked like a dry, cracked mess on my lips (I’ve added a horrible photo to demonstrate. I’m taking one for the team here girls! But for the price it was worth trying it out. Barry M’s formulas are just so all over the place, some are amazingly creamy and scrummy and others are dry!

Thank you for letting me take part! I love blogger interviews and finding out what bloggers are really like


So what did you think? Didn't Lauren ask some brilliant questions? Thanks Lauren




  1. Great interview and great answers!

    Sarah XXXX


  2. Congrats on your interview sweetie!!you did a great job!!

  3. I couldn't live without dry shampoo either, it's a life saver especially when you have a fringe! I've also tried the Charles Worthington one recently which is really nice. Love Liz Earle too! x

  4. Hi, another Lauren here! Really interesting interview - your blog is fab! I love the crimes of fashion :D x


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