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8 Nov 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of Fashion

Oh dear, it seems ASOS are suffering from a bad case of emperor's new clothes-itus. Have you seen the items they have which are calling themselves "dresses"? Example number one:

This "dress" is £155 (!) and can be bought from here

Example number two:

This item is £95 from here and doesn't even include the bodice! You just get a beaded net curtain.

Example number three:

This item is supposedly a jumpsuit and I am sad to say it's by one of my favourite shops, Lipsy. You can purchase it here for £75.

Example number four:

This item is a sheer mini-dress and costs £75 from here

The verdict: These "dresses" are nothing more than some netting and some sequins with a bathing suit underneath and yet they are all in advance of £70. I think my diagnosis of emperor's new clothes-itus is correct and ASOS should be recommended to a treatment of wooly jumpers and jeans! Brr ASOS - it's November out there!




  1. Oh deary me, I quite agree with you! The mini dress one is patheticc x

  2. I have just turned my nose up at the computer screen. Seriously how can asos actually sell those "dresses" and charge an arm and a leg for it.

    You might as well go out wearing your pants and thats it- seriously though people would laugh at you if you dared to wear that out.

    rant over lol


  3. Yuck. Asos find some actually dresses !

    Rachelle Xxx

  4. You would get rather cold in them.
    They horrible!

  5. so true! i love the shoes they are wearing though!


  6. Those aren't even wearable! Might they consider the weather too? :)) This is something that shouldn't leave the runway.

  7. Hi! I 've found your blog and I can't stop reading the old posts!

    The second dress could look nice over a long plain dress, and a belt around the waist. I can't think of any way to wear the last one though ^_^

    This blog goes to my list on bloglovin'!
    Besos from Spain!


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