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27 Nov 2010

Heated Clothing! For the chilly weather

I got an unexpected email from the boyfriend yesterday morning. I was moaning about the FREEZING cold and admitted that I'd actually worn my Ugg-alikes (or fUggs - fake Uggs) and a hot water bottle on the drive to work, and he decided to take it into his own hands and discover something which will save us cold souls.


I'm not even joking! GL100 have a range of heated clothing which although aimed at disabled people, are obviously available to non-disabled too. They may not be very pretty, but are very cosy! Here's some of the range.

This is a heated back wrap, although I'd put it on my tummy. It's £64.95 from here

This body warmer is also £64.95 from the same site

Or a coat! £109.95

The company also do heated gloves and heated insoles for chilly toesies!

So how do these heated clothes work?

They actually use a rechargable battery pack which allows for around 5 hours heating and come with 5 heat settings. Some of the items also have optional car charging facilities! It must be as cosy as wrapping yourself in your nan's heated blanket!

So what do you think? Any cold souls out there like me will appreciate how amazing this invention is and probably add one of these to their Christmas wish list! The price is quite high, especially for the back warmer, but I guess those posh climbing coats are £100 or more? (don't ask me, I don't specialise in outdoor clothes!)



  1. hahahahaha!


  2. Maybe if they were a bit more fashionable! They're very clever but too expensive for the average person to buy. I will stick with my hand warmers! x


  3. Wow, very interesting! I could definitely use some!


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