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23 Oct 2010

Your next night out look - smokey eyes tutorial

Girls - what's your favourite night out makeup look? I'm sure the majority of you will agree, it's smokey eyes! Smokey eyes is a gorgeous, dramatic look which makes your eyes stand out and is really gorgeous - but I think black smokey eyes are old now, and can easily look like a badger. It's not flattering so the new look is coloured smokey eyes! Take Kim Kardashian and Taylor Momsen...

See what I mean? Kim is rocking a gorgeous slate/purple eye which is really flattering, where as Taylor looks like a panda.

Here is my tutorial on golden smokey eyes for a more flattering but stunning look.  Here's what you'll need...
  • A palette of eyeshadows. I completely adore the Sleek Storm palette for the intense and blendable shades, and for £5.99 you can't complain. But any combination of the shades from other brands work too

They're lovely aren't they? You'll also need
  • A brown liquid eyeliner (I use the Collection 2000 one)
  • A brown kohl eyeliner (I use Maybelline Kohl Express Eyeliner in their gorgeous sparkly brown shade)
  • Your favourite mascara (I've used MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara)
  • A small eyeshadow brush and a blending brush

Ready? Here we go... Here's my naked eye! Boring right?

Step 1. With your big blending brush, apply an all-over base of a pale gold, and take it up to the crease of the eyelid. I used number 1 for this. 

Step 2. Using the same brush, add a wash of the palest gold (number 2) up to the brow bone as a highlighter 

Step 3. Again, using the large brush, add a sweep of gold over the eyelid, concentrating nearer the lash line. I used number 4 for this. It's a gorgeous luminous gold! 

Step 4. Using the smaller eyeshadow brush, blend in a dark bronze (number 7) to the lashes. We're building up the smoke! Then blend in the black shadow (number 12) right into the lash line, keep rubbing into the bronze and blend it upwards. 

Step 5. Add a sweep of the brown liquid eyeliner

Add a bit of kohl eyeliner to the waterline and a generous sweep of mascara.. and you have the finished result

Whatdo you think? I really love it. It's a gentle, gorgeous take on smokey eyes.
This smokey look works really well on those with brown eyes to make them pop and look gorgeous! It also works on people with green eyes like me obviously, but there's another take which really makes blue and green eyes 'pop'!

For blue-eyed babes -
Blend in a silver (number 8), deep blue (number 10) and black (number 12) in the same method as above. Use the silver as step 3, the blue as step 4 and black as step 5. Then use a blue eyeliner on the waterline and lashings of mascara!

And for us green-eyed godesses!

A combination of forest greens, blend in a silver (number 8), dark green (number 9) and black (number 12) in the same method as above. Use the silver as step 3, the green as step 4 and black as step 5. Then use a slim, wet brush to create your own eyeliner, and use a green kohl eyeliner on the waterline and as much  mascara as you dare!

Hope this tutorial helps you achieve your gorgeous night out look. I'd love to see your FOTN's if you use this tutorial!



  1. AMAZING! i hate taylor momsens look SO SO SO much! but you and kim look lovely, obviously!


  2. amazing tutorial, love it!!

  3. Omg, at the start of this post I thought you were gonna say that Taylor's "smoky eye" actually looks good...but I'm glad you said that she looks like a panda, cos that is soo true. So unflattering.
    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial, it looks great! :D

  4. I agree with you, Kim's eyes look lovely, whilst Taylor really does look like a panda!

    Your turorial is amazing, subtle and chic!


  5. Great tutorial. I love Sleek's storm palette - the colours are all so beautiful. I like how you've gone for a soft smokey look rather than Taylor's panda eyes! x


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