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13 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of fashion

Dear Miss Selfridge,

What on Earth is this? What have you done to this coat? I can't even make words to describe this monstrosity. It's like someone dipped the bottom of a coat in superglue, and then small wild animals have become stuck to it as the wearer has walked through a forest.

This coat will be in the January sales - mark my words.

Lots of love,

Lauren xxx

If you like this coat, it's £90 (!!!) from here




  1. The post loaded and I thought what is Lauren talking about, this looks like a nice beige coat...

    ...Then I scroled down.

    What the F.

    Emma x.x.x

  2. Eeeeek, that is horrid. Rachelle Xxx

  3. It looks like a coat I had whilst at primary school :| bad times haha.


  4. Ha, same, it was loading down, and I was like, fine, ok, looks not bad................whaaaaat?

    There is really no need!

    Anna x

  5. Cruella de Vil did the tango with a bunch of chinchillas?! Jebesus Louisus.
    Actually, scratch that, this is more Austin Powers. Mojoless Austin Powers.

  6. I did exactly the same as EmmaDazzle - I was thinking, what's she on about, it looks totally tasteful. But once you see the bottom of it, eugh. Not good.

  7. Eww not nice, if you cut the fur off the bottom it would probably be quite a nice coat though I really don't suit those camelly (I know not a word!) type colours!



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