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13 Sept 2010

MeMeMe Flawless Concealer Review

A beauty post! I haven't done one of these for a while! I'm often told I write them very "scientifically" - but that's my style!

After several questions on formspring (feel free to ask me anything) about the under-eye concealer I use every day and in my FOTNs, I've been asked to do a review.

I use the MeMeMe Flawless Concealer which is £4.99 (from Superdrug) and I really love it.

First off, the blurb: It is described as "an essential 3 in 1 skin corrector: conceals, highlights, illuminates & accentuates". It contains haloxyl (which reduces dark cicles under the eyes and heals skin discolouration by helping "loosen" tiny particles of blood which become trapped under the skin when you are tired and stressed, Science fans)

My review: I use the colour "buttermilk" as it is exactly the same shade as my pale skin. I've actually never used a concealer which has been such a similar colour to my skin tone!
The product: The product comes with a small lipgloss-style brush in a tube of the concealer (EDIT - I bought a new one on Saturday and it now has a hoof-shaped applicator. Makes no difference though as you shouldn't put the applicator against your skin to decrease risk of infection). You get a large amount here compared to YSL's Touche Eclat so it lasts me AGES. Plus, I prefer the texture of the actual product. The concealer glides on really nicely and blends in brilliantly. The fluid is not too thick or thin, so it doesn't cling in those tiny lines around your eyes but it's also thick enough to cover dark circles. It's also light-reflective so helps hide the bags under your eyes. It also lasts all day without creasing or wearing away. The plus side being that eventually it should reduce your dark circles

Here's my photographic evidence...

As you can see, the top image shows before and I have some dark circles under my eyes, but this is improved in the bottom image which shows the effect after concealer

Before                          After
Close up, you can see it has reduced the bags somewhat, but the lighting in this picture is totally wrong so doesn't actually reflect off the concealer. However I fixed the lighting in this picture...
However, treat your tube with respect! The plastic is a bit rubbish and I ALWAYS manage to snap my lid by trying to put it on too tight when travelling!
The Verdict: The MeMeMe Flawless Concealer is a really great product! I was always pretty dubious about MeMeMe as I know they have a reputation for being "inspired" by other big brands such as Benefit, but this concealer is worth a try!


  1. Wow you're gorgeous! :) x

  2. Aww! *blushes* thank you!

  3. The results are very good with both of the concealers! I always struggle with concealers as I am a medium skin tone and can never seem to find one which is just right! I tend to go for the paler one's as it's better to look a bit pale than to look orange!!! Great post.

    I agree with the comment above...You are really beautiful!

    Abbey from

  4. Nic @ The War Paint GuruMon Sept 13, 05:19:00 pm BST

    Going to try this! I use really cheap version of touche eclat but this looks like it might give more coverage! lovely review xxx

  5. As soon as my current concealer runs out I think I'm going to try this, it looks really lovely (if a concealer can be lovely ha) xx

  6. Omg - Aren't you a pretty one.

    You should totally follow a blog i just started:


    Ps. If you dont I will invoke all best friend rights.

    Also get others to follow it. Cos right now I look like a weirdo following my own blog. xx

  7. ps. you should also teach me how to make it as good looking as your blog. Cos right now..well...yeh its lame looking. :)

  8. looks great thanks i will try it xx

  9. it can be use as illuminator?

  10. No I don't think so. It's only really a concealer. I know eyeko do a good illuminating creme so try them out. Plus use my code for a freebie x

  11. You are gorgeous! With and without makeup!


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