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29 Sept 2010

Liz Earle facemasks - a review by mummy and me!

As you may have worked out, I flipping love Liz Earle at the moment - they saved my skin! So imagine my delight when I was sent 2 Liz Earle facemasks! The deep cleansing facemask and the intensive nourishing mask. I thought I'd do reviews for you. I reviewed the deep cleansing as I have problem, spotty skin and Mummy has reviewed the intensive nourishing mask for her dry skin

The Deep Cleansing Facemask
Firstly, a confession - I've only used a facemask once before and it made my skin break out terribly and made me cry :-( Therefore I was a bit nervous to try this one.

First impressions - the mask comes in a waterproof bag with two little sponges to remove the mask with. The mask itself is bright green and really smelly! Kind of looks like mushed up seaweed! I spread it all over in a thick layer, avoiding my eyes and lips like the instructions said. It started to tingle which was a bit worrying... but didn't sting so I just assumed it was working. It then got tighter and dried out which was a wierd sensation for me as I've not used facemasks before other then that one that went horribly wrong... However after 10 minutes the mask time was over and I used the little sponges to remove the mask and my skin was glowing! I then just toned and moisturised like normal and my skin felt lovely! The boyf later commented I was glowing and looked lovely and I didn't even have any makeup on! Result!

A week later - my skin hasn't broken out and is looking clear and refined. Overall therefore I am really happy and will keep using this once a week. The starter set I was sent is £12.50 and you can buy it from here. I think it is worth it for the price as it's a lovely product which hasn't made me break out (and I guess it's a cleansing mask, so the lack of spots suggests it's working?)

However my only question - can anyone make a face mask look glamorous?

I think not... not even with that amount of pouting. Don't laugh...

The Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask
This review is by my dry-skinned mum...

The face mask comes with a muslin cloth and a waterproof bag, similar to the other face mask. The instructions say to use it once a week or as often as necessary, but I found this a real treat and tend to run a nice soapy bath and slap some on. It says to put on a fairly thick layer after cleansing your face and the first time I did it, I didn't think it would really moisturise because it just felt like an ordinary face mask and started drying out, but amazingly, when you wipe it off with the damp muslin at the end of the 10 minutes, your face feels really moisturised! For me, definately another Liz Earle staple buy. The next day, my skin feels nourished, soft and calm and I get a few comments saying how refreshed I look.

I have very sensitive skin, and this doesn't irritate me at all. In fact I find this calms my skin down. Overall, for the £12.75 price tag, this is a must buy for those with dry, sensitive skin. Buy it from here.


  1. Helen [In Elegance]Wed Sept 29, 11:50:00 pm BST

    The best face mask I've used is an Indian heat mud mask [can't remember the proper name of it] from Avon. I could feel the heat when putting it on my face and afterwards my skin felt amazing.

  2. Ooh, both of those sound like winners. Love the review from your mum!


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