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3 Sept 2010

Lauren's lust of the week

I am dying for the new Cloud Nine roller system - TheO. Have you seen this amazing invention?

Created by the people who created GHDs, it works by rapidly heating velcro rollers to 130 degrees, yet when you touch the roller, or the inside of the heating mechanism, it isn't hot! Also it claims to hold curls in for ages which I need with my dead-straight and very stubborn hair.

The rollers come in 5 sizes, with large rollers giving body and volume, and smaller rollers creating tighter curls.

Still interested? Check out this YouTube video by Pixiewoo!

I NEED that body and volume in my boring, limp hair!

TheO is £149.99 and available from the Cloud Nine website. Maybe one day my finances will allow me to buy it and I will review it for you, but until then I can only dream of Pixiewoo's hair!



  1. beautifulbrunette714Fri Sept 03, 12:55:00 pm BST

    It looks amazing doesn't it! As soon as I saw it on Pixiwoo's channel, I fell in love with it haha x

  2. TheBristolBeautyBlogSat Sept 04, 01:11:00 am BST

    I really like it as well. It's just too expensive! xx

  3. I have seen a few reviews for this, it looks fab!


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