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2 Sept 2010

Lauren Loves... Zara!

Zara is FINALLY online! I am so excited!

Here is my round-up of the best pieces.:

Jeans - £29.99

Cloak - £99

dress - £69.99

dress - £35.99

dress - £22.99

Capri pants - £39.99

Jumper - £25.99

T-shirt - £9.99

BUT be warned - the jackets have short sleeves on those of us with abnormally long arms which is why the jacket sleeves are rolled up on all the models!

Get shopping! But save some money - H&M go online later this month!



  1. Helen [In Elegance]Thu Sept 02, 08:25:00 pm BST

    I love Zara, those jeans are my favourite. Can't wait for H&M to come online.

  2. i love the black shift dress! cant wait for h&m eeeep

  3. I've never shopped from Zara before. But those dresses are stunning! So glad they're online, gonna have a little nosy. xx

  4. yay so exciting :) i was just browsing the online shop yesterday for the 1st time, sooo many pretty pieces! love your selection, especially the jeans, the blue dress & the grey blazer!
    also, good luck for your first day at work! ;) xx

  5. I love all the drapping!

  6. I am also really excited that Zara are opening an online store - they are one of my favourite brands! So chic!


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