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4 Sept 2010

First day of work OOTD and my homemade dress

Tuesday was my first day of work as a proper psychologist! Here's what I wore

1. My homemade dress:

I made this the day before I started with charcol dogtooth material from a shop in the North Laines, Brighton and this pattern from Burda Style. I wouldn't recommend this pattern - I had such a problem with it! Firstly, you had to pay for it, and then it didn't have any seam allowances! (I had to draw them on myself) and it was far to big!)

I was really chuffed with it in the end though, as I managed to line up the pattern over the seams

So this is the outfit I wore on my first day

Cardigan - £18 Marks and Spencer

Watch  - vintage from my Nan. Typically I put on my Swatch in the morning and it had run out of battery overnight!

And importantly... the shoes!

These are £20 from New Look. I love a wedge!

Hope you liked my choice




  1. Wow a Psychologist? That's amazing!
    and you made that dress? You're a woman of many talents haha, it's really nice :) x

  2. I can't believe you made this! I hope it went well, it looks amazing.


  3. Great job on the dress! And it really all comes together with the cardigan and the watch, great outfit choice for your first day :)

  4. You made the dress? Wow you're so talented! The outfit is sooo sweet! I love your Nans little watch necklace! xxxx

  5. Wow, your dress is really gorgeous! I can't belive that you made it! I love the whole outfit, it is perfect for work.

    Abbey x

  6. Ah really nice dress! It's awesome that you made it yourself!

    Hope your first day was all you hoped it'd be!


  7. Wow Lauren you are soooo talented. I hope you have enjoyed your first week ?!

    Rachelle Xxx

  8. P.s the shoes are fab :) Xxxx

  9. TheBristolBeautyBlogSat Sept 04, 11:56:00 pm BST

    Beautiful dress! I wish I could sew, it looks lovely! x

  10. You are very talented! I am hoping to get a sewing machine for my birthday and hope to be able to attempt to make a dress!


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